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Seattle Kiddical Mass Ride

I had to go to Seattle for work, so I brought Little P and Mr. B along with me. We went a couple days early so that we could get in a mini-vacation. After a midnight arrival to our hotel the night before, we woke up on Saturday morning motivated to get up and get out. We knew that there was a Kiddical Mass Pi Day ride happening at 10:30 and we decided to try and make it.

Of course, there weren’t any bike shops that opened before 10, and it was raining rather heavily outside, but that just added a sense of adventure to the outing. We peeled into the parking lot at Recycled Cycles in Fremont right at 10. Luckily, they had a couple of city bikes that the Ibert seat would fit on and they were helpful in getting us out as quickly as possible. With our raincoats on, and a Walgreens poncho covering P’s torso legs and feet, we set off at full speed up the hill toward Wallingford in order to make it to Kiddical Mass in time.

We ended up getting there a few minutes late, but it didn’t matter because everybody else seemed to be late too. The families that were there were friendly and P had fun playing at the playground until he got chilled from the rain—poor skinny little guy. I was super impressed by the rain gear everybody had. There were riding boots, full body rain suits, wool pants, rain chaps, and more. Seattleites know how to dress for the rain! The other thing I was impressed by was all the cargo bikes. Mr. B and I have a mountain biking and road cycling background, but these families were definitely heavily into the urban cycling scene. It was very cool to see the different setups, and it made us both want a cargo bike to add to our collection. I was also happy to see several Yepp seats, including one very comfy and happy baby fast asleep in a Yepp Maxi.

After some safety instructions, we rolled out at a slow (but not painfully so) pace. P had a great big smile on his face riding along in the group. There were kids riding with their parents, and some older ones riding on their own. I had fun chatting with some of the other riders, and we rode thru some beautiful (and expensive!) neighborhoods on our way to Green Lake. We had one rider leading, another sweeping, and several adults blocking traffic at intersections. Overall, it went really smoothly with no accidents or incidents with cars (other than one mildly annoyed driver).

At Green Lake, they set up some ramps and a teeter-totter and all the kids set off playing on them. I was afraid P was going to get upset that we didn’t have his balance bike, but he seemed content playing in the grass and looking for rocks. Phew! By then the weather had improved, and we decided to take off and ride a bit more.   We rode the rest of the loop around Green Lake and then rode the Burke-Gilman trail for a while before returning our bikes and heading to the hotel for a nap.

One of my favorite parts of traveling is exploring around a place on bicycle, and it was really fun getting to share that with P. He loved getting to do something with other kids, and I enjoyed getting to check out the logistics of a Kiddical Mass ride—something I would like to get started in Salt Lake City. We did some other great things while we were in Seattle—including hiking at Discovery Park and taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island, but everyone agreed—Kiddical Mass was the highlight of our quick trip!

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