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Showers Pass Little Crossover Kids Cycling Rain Jacket Review

Author: Blair Burton


Weather can be a challenging situation that limits our outside fun. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

The struggle of convincing our kids to go play in wet weather is typically one that I give up on and often wish I wouldn’t have. If we let the weather control our recreation, in some places, there would be no outside play!

Luckily, Showers Pass has created the Little Crossover Rain Jacket to help alleviate some of that challenge and provide a quality option to help entice our kiddos to go ride even when the weather isn’t looking so fantastic. It also packs down like any other rain jacket for easy access when the weather turns from great to not-so-great.

showers pass kids rain jacket review

Review In A Nutshell


  • Windproof and water-resistant
  • Velcro adjustments for wrist 
  • Water resistant seams on zippers
  • Artex shell with taped seams 
  • Reflective trim for cycling/visibility


  • No vents
  • Hood does not fit over helmet

Price & Where To Buy:

This Jacket Keeps Kids Dry And Warm

We found that the Little Crossover rain jacket does a great job of keeping little ones warm and dry on rainy days. My little guy recently used it on a spring day in March that was overcast, breezy, and a little rainy. The weather in Boise has been fairly nice this spring and we have been challenged to catch any really nasty storms to test the jacket in.

For the rain that fell, the jacket held up perfect and my son was dry as could be. While biking, he felt comfortable, and the long tail helped to cover his bum from water flinging up off his back tire.

This jacket is 90% nylon and 10% recycled nylon. The seams are taped all throughout the Artex shell. The jacket is somewhat breathable and most certainly weatherproof. It will keep one dry and warm with under layers.

Velcro Adjusting And Seamed Zippers

There are two pockets on either side of the main zipper. Both have a mesh liner on one side and the interior of the jacket on the other. Y

You can feel the taped seems on the inside helping to provide weatherproofing to the overall jacket. The zippers have a rubber seal that is measured perfectly preventing any moisture from entering through when fully zipped.

Both cuffs have adjusting Velcro straps, like a ski coat. These allow the kiddos to cinch the cuffs to their wrists.

Because of these adjustments one can maintain warm dry air inside of the jacket without letting moisture in through the sleeve cuffs. Sleeves will not interfere with a child’s grip on the handlebars. 

Taped Seams

As previously mentioned, the seams are taped all throughout the Artex shell. Any points where moisture could potentially enter are completely blocked at the seam. All seams are double stitched, clean, and comfortable.

Reflective Trim

Cycling can be dangerous, and any added safety effort will add to your peace of mind, especially while riding with children in traffic. Knowing that our son had a jacket with reflective trim certainly made me more at ease while riding through our neighborhood.

There is trim surrounding the shoulders, around the torso, and along the sleeves. It does a great job of reflecting light and is a welcome safety feature.

A Few Missing Features

While this is a quality rain jacket that can be used anywhere, our little guy would primarily use it for mountain biking. If we were ever caught in a storm (imagine the Pinhoti Trail in late November – he will never forgive me for that one) and had to rush down a trail, I would want my son to be able to pull a hood over his helmet. 

We could not get the hood of the Crossover to fit over his helmet. We tried and it just wouldn’t even reach halfway.

showers pass hood

Maybe this is different for various sizes of kids and helmet design and does work elsewhere. Hopefully, future renditions can include this feature. It is part of the reason that I have the rain jacket that I own.

Speaking of my rain jacket, it has zippered arm pit vents. This most likely adds to the production cost of the jackets and is probably why it doesn’t have any.

Rain jackets and biking can be a hot combination. Having some temperature control definitely helps (especially when fat biking in the winter). This is another welcome feature that I hope to see in future models of the Crossover.

Bottom-Line: Showers Pass Has Created A Comfortable, Quality Rain Jacket for Kids

showers pass kids cycling jacket

No water is getting into this jacket. It has quality construction and the comfort to match. The thoughtful design considers little riders with the long tail and reflective materials to help keep them warm and safe.

Everyone needs a rain jacket. Don’t let the weather hold your family back from getting out there and having fun. Showers Pass can help the fun continue.

FTIC Disclosure: Showers Pass provided these pieces for the purpose of testing and review. We did not receive any monetary compensation and all opinions are our own.

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