Spawn Releases Three New Bike Models

Spawn, long a leader in the kids mountain bike space, has just released three new and unusual kids mountain bike models. These include the Spawn Yama Jama in a new 22″ size, and two new sizes for the Spawn Rokk: a convertible 20″/22″ model and a convertible 26″/27.5″ model. All are now available for pre-order.

The use of 22 inch wheels may raise a few eyebrows, but we’re excited to see how they perform. “Over our 11 years in the industry, we have consistently seen that the jump from 20” to 24” bikes is the
most awkward and difficult jump for kids to make,” says Max Zureski, founder of Spawn Cycles. “By
introducing the new 22” wheel size, we are bridging the gap so kids can have better fitting bikes as they
grow and get those incremental benefits that larger wheels provide.”

Spawn Rokk 20/22

The new Spawn Cycles Rokk 20/22 is a convertible geometry full suspension model boasting 100mm of
travel. A flip chip in the chainstay lengthens or shortens the rear and allows riders to swap from 20” to
22” sizes while also keeping the bottom bracket, cranks and pedals at a consistent height regardless of
wheel size.

Doing laps with our own kids in Whistler Bike Park when they were younger showed us that larger
wheels really aided in the ability to clear jumps and technical obstacles while also helping with the
fatigue the little ones feel through braking bumps. If your kids aren’t quite tall enough to make the jump
to a 24” full suspension, the move from 20” to 22” wheels will give them a little more speed through the
jumps and chatter and hopefully buy them a little more time on the bike.

Spawn Yama Jama 22

The Spawn Cycles Yama Jama 22” sits between our best-selling Yama Jama 20” and 24” models. If you’re a parent who wants the perfect fit for your grom every year, this model will bridge that gap. If your kidg rew a bunch over the winter and is in between the traditional sizes, the Yama Jama 22” might be the
perfect bike to get a couple of years out of before the move to a larger full-suspension bike or hardtail
trail bike.

Spawn Rokk 26/27.5

While the 22” bikes took the most work to develop (think new tire and bead molds, new rim
tooling and a fork with arch clearance for a 22” tire), Spawn has constantly been trying to grow their
lineup to keep up with some of their favourite young riders. Enter the Rokk 26/27.5” with adjustable
geometry and 160mm of travel.

The new Rokk 26/27.5” is the first bike where Spawn has been able to take advantage of grown-up goodieslike the Rock Shox Pike up front, Rock Shox Super Deluxe shock, a full SRAM Eagle NX drivetrain, SRAMDUB crankset and SRAM G2 brakes.

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