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Spawn Rokk 26/27.5 Review: A Big Bike for a Big Kid

Author: Blair Burton


If you are reading this, then chances might be that you have read some of our previous reviews. A few years ago, we reviewed a Trailcraft Maxwell and my son really started to fall in love with downhill riding aboard the full suspension ripper. The Spawn Rokk 26 has taken that love to a whole new level.

The only issue is that the Maxwell is designed for general trail riding and my son found its limits at the rugged bike parks we visited. My son knew that he wanted a bigger travel bike for his next rig as he planned on focusing more on DH racing vs. cross country riding.

The Spawn Rokk is a great bike created by a savvy bike family in British Columbia. Moreover, the Rokk 26 comes with 160mm of travel in front and 140mm in back. It is a versatile bike that allows my son to still ride some cross-country, but ultimately slay the DH tracks at our local bike park.

The newly redesigned Spawn Rokk comes with a flip chip and the ability to change from 20” to 22”, 24” to 26”, or 26” to 27.5” wheels. However, each of the three frames sizes adapt and grow with your child much longer than one standard wheel size. The addition of the 22” frame fills a big gap for 7- to 8-year-olds that didn’t fit very well on a 20” or 24” bike.

Spawn Rokk DH2

Like all Spawn bikes, the build is at the top of its class. The Rokk offers adult bike quality in a scaled down package with components that fit our tween perfectly.

Our son has been testing the Spawn Rokk 26 for the past few months and was immediately able to send the bike bigger than ever before. If the intent of obtaining this bike was for bike park riding and DH racing then we hit the mark on the head.

Over the summer, our son has raced the Spawn Rokk at Tamarack and Bogus Basin. We visited both Schweitzer and Silver Mountain in northern Idaho (some of the rockiest riding I have ever experienced) in addition to some cross country near Couer D’ Alene, ID and the kiddo was able to tackle absolutely everything.

His rapid progression is astonishing. Neither my wife nor I are very capable to keep up with him any more….and he is 10!

Read on to learn more about our experience…..

Spawn Rokk Profile

Rokk Review Summary and Rankings


  • Durable big travel bike
  • Quality suspension components
  • Easy tubeless setup
  • Quality in-house Brood components
  • Reliable hydraulic disc brakes
  • Modern frame geometry/ flip chip
  • Internal routing for a dropper


  • Expensive
  • Seatpost/Seat Integration proprietary (If you buy a dropper, you must buy a new seat too)


  • Frame – 10/10
  • Componentry – 8/10
  • Ride Quality – 10/10
  • Weight – 7/10
  • Geometry – 10/10
  • Customer Service – 10/10
  • Aesthetics – 10/10

OVERALL RANKING:  65/70 or 93%

Price: $3,500 USD

Spawn Rokk 26 Video Review

Big Travel, More Fun – The Frame and How It Rides

There is nothing like the feeling of landing a jump and smoothly transitioning through the runout with more speed. While hard tails are fun and easier to maneuver, the occasional case, unintended whip, or even just rocky-rough landings can surprise a rider. Having a full suspension bike to soak up some of our errors helps one to maintain speed, stay upright and not hurt as much at the end of the day.

The Spawn Rokk 26 has been a great bike for our son to push his limits and learn to ride insanely rough trails. I know East Coasters think they have all the rocks on the continent, but this Rokk 26 has been pushed to the limits at a few rough spots out West like Schweitzer and Silver Mountain.

Big Travel

The Spawn Rokk, running a 140/160mm build, and my son, with all of his 75 pounds and 58 inches of height, was able to blast through some of the hardest riding I have ever experienced.

Where our son once loathed rough, rocky trails, he has now realized their potential for fun, quick creativity, and excitement. The Spawn Rokk 26 has helped him come to this realization with its capable, 4-bar suspension platform, durable 6061 T6 aluminum frame, and a host of house-branded Brood components that round out the build.

This durable aluminum frame has seen a few hundred miles in its first few months and has remained solid with no need for any maintenance thus far.

The four-bar suspension designed frame has flip chips in the chain stays that allows the back end to grow and accept a larger sized wheel. Very few kids-only brands are doing that.

More Fun

Climbing aboard the Spawn Rokk was surprisingly quick. I thought our son might struggle with a big bike like this. After all, it weighs 32 lbs with some dirt and a number plate attached (Weight without a dropper post and pedals is 28 lbs.). He has been able to enjoy several xc rides all averaging about 10 miles in a couple hours each. For what I would consider an enduro focused bike, it sure has blown me away with its capabilities (and my son has too).

My family has really become a bike park family over the past few years. They are so much fun. My son has decided that is his favorite type of riding for now.

Having a bike like the Spawn Rokk certainly adds to the fun too. Where my son was starting to pull away on his Trailcraft Maxwell, he is now gone on the Rokk. Berms, jumps, techy rock gardens, you name it, and together he and the bike can smash it.

The Rokk climbing
The Spawn Rokk climbs exceptionally well considering it’s weight. Coolio knew it best; “You gotta get up to get down”.

Components That Can Withstand All the Rocks

Spawn was one of the first kids only brands to show up on the scene. They immediately knew that kid sized components were necessary to get bike fit right and the Brood line of components were born….or spawned rather. The Spawn Rokk is no exception and is subtly adorned with quality Brood parts all over.

Brood Parts

Spawn sells their bikes fully built and ready to charge. Everything from the boost spaced hubs and wheels to the quick release seat post collar are in-house Brood parts. Items like the seat post, custom seat, stem (40mm), handlebar (760mm), grips, and chainstay guard are Brood.


Brands like Spawn are designing and tooling cranks and other parts to fit small riders and their general age groups. Luckily, the bikes are getting big enough that Spawn can save on cost and just stock 165mm Sram NX cranks on the Rokk 26/27.5. The bike is equipped with a Sram NX drivetrain. This includes all items from the shift pod to the derailleur, chain, cassette and chainring. A Dub bottom bracket is also used to pair the cranks to the frame.

While I personally prefer Shimano components over Sram, there is nothing wrong with this drivetrain and it works well. Moreover, I have the same drivetrain on my personal “enduro” bike.

The truth of the matter is that it costs significantly less than most other options on the market but does not lack the quality necessary to charge through miles of riding that these bikes endure.

The Spawn Rokk 26 is big enough that it can actually run a 12-speed drivetrain and that is an immense help when climbing. Newer features like a narrow-wide front chainring, boost spacing, and stout components keep the bike rolling smooth.

Yes, these are components found on adult bikes and that increases the cost of the bike. I know most of us struggle to spend on our children’s bikes like our own, but they certainly deserve a chance to ride bikes that are equipped and capable. Yes, it is expensive at $3500, but compared to adult bikes, the Spawn Rokk is about half the price.


As for durability and quality, these parts have stood up to the aforementioned rough testing grounds, laid down a few hundred miles and continue to roll true. The Maxxis High Roller tires provide copious amounts of traction. The Brood wheels were easy to set up tubeless and remain stout. The Sram drivetrain is responsive and consistent.

Spawn Rokk Wheels

We chose the cosmic grape frame, and the aesthetics are on point. Fully built, this bike is a beautiful steed. We have changed a few parts and it has made the bike nearly perfect.

Seat and Stuff

The frame is designed with internal routing for a dropper post and that was one of the first upgrades we made. The seat and post that are sold with the Rokk are proprietary. Therefore, if you are upgrading to a dropper post be prepared to buy a new seat as well. Fortunately, SDG makes a great jr. saddle that fits well with my son’s PNW Cascade dropper post.

The components of any bike are half of the build and it’s imperative that they function as intended. Spawn has designed well thought out parts.

The stem can flip and help the bike to grow with your child. The handlebar is 760mm which is a bit wide for my little guy, so we did downsize to a 740mm carbon FSA handlebar for now. Once we flip the stem, I will put the Brood bar back on the bike though.

Suspension Components are Keys to Success

Suspension is a game changer for most riders and my son is no exception. Nevertheless, the moment he rode a full suspension bike he immediately rode faster.

The same is true with him and his bike’s growth. Simultaneously, as they get bigger, they get faster, more efficient and the length of travel increases too.

The Fork

The Spawn Rokk is sold with a Rockshox Pike Select running 160mm of front travel. Subsequently, from my view, that seems huge for a 10-year-old. My big bike only has 170mm and that seems like more than enough for my adult frame.

Although my son wants a Fox 40 dual crown DH beast of a fork, the Pike has never bottomed out but come right to the edge. That is perfect considering his weight and riding ability.

The Pike (like all Rockshox) runs plush. We have it set up at 20% sag and it rides quite high in the travel. Both rebound and compression settings are near the middle of their adjustability.

My son has been hitting huge drops, bigger jumps, and more rock gardens than you can shake a stick at. He was able to blow a seal on the Reba aboard his Trailcraft. Hopefully he can’t take this fork that far.

Rockshox Pike Fork

The Rear Shock

The rear shock is a Rockshox Super Deluxe Select+. This shock runs 140mm of rear end travel and works well in conjunction with the fork. The pivot kinematics provide a supportive ride through rough terrain and keep the rear end tracking over small bumps and rocks while remaining plush on bigger hits. My son has never complained about bottom out and has taken the sag indicator right to the edge just like the fork.

Rockshox Super Deluxe Select

Like the fork, we have set the rebound on the shock right in the middle. There is only a lockout switch for climbing, which my son likes to use on xc rides.

I like that the suspension components are simple enough that I don’t have to dial in HSC and LSC for his body weight. These items do keep the cost of the bike down a bit as well.

The Spawn Rokk is bigger all around for a growing kiddo. I love it.

It may be heavier, but the suspension and other parts are meant for adult bikes, and it shows in the ride quality and my son’s developing ability.

We bought this bike thinking it would be just his downhill rig, and it mostly is, but he has been and is able to ride all the hills with it. He really likes this bike, and it shows in his growing enthusiasm for seeking out more gnar!

Hydraulic Disc Brakes are Reliable and Consistent

Quality brakes are a key component of any good bike. The Spawn Rokk is equipped with Sram G2 R brakes and 180mm rotors both front and back. These hydraulic, 4-piston brakes have served their purpose thus far.

Sram G2 R Brake Lever

I have not received any complaint about braking power, modulation, or the reach of the levers. Generally, I am a skeptic of Sram brakes (due to prior personal issues), but other people love the Code brakes, and my son hasn’t had any issues to speak of thus far. I certainly hope they continue to be consistent and reliable.

While riding, my son’s braking has been consistent as he hasn’t had any crashes, he is able to maintain control, and there haven’t been any maintenance issues to address. He rode several extremely steep, rooty, and rocky trails all while experiencing reliable braking control.

Comparisons and Concerns

The Trailcraft Maxwell has 9mm quick-release dropouts. Although kids might be smaller, I still feel it necessary to spec through-axles both front and back. Having a stiff, responsive ride is my personal preference and wheel flex is no fun.

The Spawn Rokk is built with through-axles, 4 piston brakes, and big travel. The Rokk is meant to rally through the toughest of trails without wheel flex. I appreciate that Spawn built this bike with durable standards in mind.

A better comparison to the Spawn Rokk would be the Commencal Clash JR. It has similar travel, brakes, and sizing. There are not many bikes out there with full suspension for our tweens, but the few choices we do have are pretty cool!

It would be awesome to see the Rokk offered with a dropper post. I understand the need to keep costs down, but several other “kids only” brands are offering some custom options like a dropper. Moreover, the Commencal Clash comes with one as well.

How We Tested and Scored The Bike

As mentioned in our prior review on the Prevelo Zulu Five, we have added a scoring system to our reviews to better convey the overall ranking of each bike.

The new system has placed the Spawn Rokk at a 93%. That is a great score! Specifically, that is an A on the report card! Spawn has been at this for quite some time now and they know what their customers want.  

Scoring is based on the frame, components, aesthetics, ride quality, weight, geometry, and customer service. Spawn scored 10 out of 10 in most categories with the exceptions being the weight and componentry.

Most of the components are great specs, but the proprietary seat was a miss for me. The weight is another area where I would hope to see future improvements.

The weight of this bike is nearly half of my son’s body weight. That is tough to climb with, but luckily, he is a tough little 10-year-old and he intends to mostly ride this bike DH.

Spawn Rokk Drop
This durable machine can take whatever is thrown at it.

The Run-Out: A High-Quality, Full Suspension Rig That Can Do It All

Each year and each new bike bring a smile to my face. My son is more willing to ride with me.

We progress together and I can see him learning and growing within his own understanding of the world that is bikes. I certainly hope we have instilled a life-long love of bikes in him.

In my Trailcraft Maxwell review I had stated that keeping up with my son was fleeting fast. The Spawn Rokk has allowed him to progress so much that I can no longer keep up. The jumps are big, the drops are scary and my ability to take that much risk is quickly dwindling.

The Spawn Rokk is designed with affordability and durability in mind. This is a real mountain bike for kids who really like to ride. This bike was designed to slay the Whistler bike park and still be able to go climb the Garibaldi trails down in Squamish.

In conclusion, as time passes, the Spawn Rokk 26 will grow with our son. It will become the Rokk 27.5 in the blink of an eye and I will still be chasing my son all over the hills and mountains of Idaho. What fun we will have!

Facilitating our children’s growth and development is one of the great joys in this world. Spawn has created a fantastic line of bikes that assist in that growth.

I hope you can bring your tweens along too. All you have to do is try and keep up!

Spawn Rokk Spec1
Rokk 26 Spec2
Rokk 26 Geometry

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