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Spindaroos Kids Bike Jersey Review

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


In no world is a bike jersey a necessity.  Kids (and adults) can get by just fine biking in a t-shirt. 

I probably have no less than a dozen jerseys, and I often choose a good old t-shirt instead. That said, bike jerseys can be both nice-to-have AND fun-to-have. 

For kids, the latter is probably most important.  A bike jersey can provide all kinds of motivation for children to get out and ride their bike.

Spindaroos Bike Jersey Review

Unfortunately, finding a quality, child-sized jersey can prove quite difficult.  The founders of Spindaroos recognized this market gap and have created the go-to company for children’s bike clothes, offering high-quality bike jerseys, shorts, and cycling jackets for pint-sized riders.

Recently, my 4-year-old began noticing that mom and dad usually wear a jersey when going for family mountain bike rides and that he didn’t have one.  We reached out to Spindaroos to get him a bike jersey of his own. 

He LOVES his new grown-up-looking Spindaroos jersey, and I have been very impressed by the quality of the jersey and how cute it is.

Review in a Nutshell


  • High quality construction
  • Full-length zipper
  • Large rear pockets
  • Reasonable price


  • Not free?

Price and Where to Buy:

Spindaroos Video Review

Jersey Quality

As someone who cares both about the environment and my pocket book, I try to only buy clothing items that are going to last a long time and not end up in a rag pile.  The Spindaroos jersey is made of high-quality  fabric, is cut well, and holds a nice shape. 

The full-length zipper seems similarly well-constructed and able to withstand operation by a 4 year old.  Spindaroos provides a one year warranty on their jerseys.

(2023 update: my son long ago grew out of this jersey. It’s since been passed down to multiple kids and is still going strong).


Spindaroos offers jerseys for kiddos 6 months old (!) to 12 years old.   Their “Little Rippers” series offers jersey for babies and toddlers 6 to 24 months, and their “Spin2 Kids” brand is tailored for kids ages 2-12 yrs.

For my rather petite 4-year-old, I went ahead and got him the “Spin2 Kids” K-Small jersey hoping it would last more than a single season.  While it is a bit big, it’s not excessively so, and allows him to wear a long-sleeve shirt under the jersey.  (It is still a bit cold here in Utah).  The cut is nice and fits well.

You can see the full size chart on the Spindaroos website.

Spindaroos Kids Bike Jersey

Moisture Wicking

I mentioned before that a bike-specific jersey isn’t necessary, but it is nice to have.  The truth is, like with all-sports, your child will be more comfortable with sport-specific gear and equipment. 

Unlike a cotton t-shirt, the Spindaroos bike jerseys are moisture-wicking to keep your little one dry even when they get sweaty.  My son has always been a hot-body and often gets VERY sweaty when biking long distances or exerting himself at the pump track.  I’ve been very pleased to notice that with his Spindaroos jersey, he has stayed dry.

“Pro” designs

Spindaroos has incorporated a bit of humor with the designs of their jerseys.  Their designs include a yellow leader jersey, a King of the Mountains jersey, and a White Best Young Rider jersey. 

For kids who are growing up around bike races or who spend their July  watching the Tour de France with mom and dad, they will feel very cool wearing one of these pro-looking jerseys.

Spindaroos Spin2 Kids Cycling Jersey

Full-length zipper

When I buy a jersey for myself, I always pick one with a full-length zipper.  With a young child, the full-length zipper is even more convenient.  It makes it easy for young kids to get it on and off as well as putting it over a base-layer.

Large rear pockets

The rear pockets on the Spindaroos jerseys are surprisingly spacious, and easily hold a child-sized jacket, a mid-ride snack, or treasures that are collected along the road or trail.


The Spindaroos Spin2 Kids jerseys cost between $37 and $39 dollars.  While this is admittedly a little expensive for a bike-specific piece of clothing that will soon be outgrown, the Spindaroos jerseys are actually on par or a little bit cheaper than the comparable AeroTechDesigns and Rocky Mountain Rags jerseys. 

To compare prices, check out our Ultimate Guide to Kids Cycling Clothing.


If your little ripper has been begging for a jersey, or you just want to give them a little extra encouragement to get on the bike, a Spindaroos jersey is a worthwhile purchase.  The quality is high, the designs are entertaining, and the price is on-par with other kids jerseys.

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