The 5 Best Toddler Bike Helmets

Best Toddler Bike Helmets

As important as it is to pick a good bike for your toddler, it’s probably even more important to pick a good helmet. Here’s a round-up of what we consider best-in-class helmets for toddlers and young kids (12 months old – 4 years old). If you’re looking for a good helmet for your little ripper, look no further than this list.

The Best Toddler Bike Helmets (Ages 1 to 4)

Kali Chakra Child

Kali Chakra Child

The Kali Chakra Child is the helmet that my son wears on a near-daily basis. If you are looking for an attractive mountain bike style helmet, this should be your pick. In fact, I think the reason my little boy likes it so much is that it looks cool like Daddy’s mountain bike helmet.

The Chakra’s design offers a visor for sun-protection and back of the head coverage.  An adjustable dial makes it easy to fit.  With all these features at a very affordable pricepoint, I don’t think this toddler helmet can be beat.

To learn more, read my full review of the Kali Chakra Child helmet.

Price & Where to Buy:

Giro Scamp w/ MIPS

The Giro Scamp is one of only a few toddler bike helmets on the market with MIPS technology.

So what the heck is MIPS?  MIPS stands for “Multi-Directional Impact System.”  It’s a technology being implemented in more and more top-of-the-line helmets to better protect against “rotational violence.”  In other words, it protects against falls where the head hits at an angle.  To learn more, read my article on MIPS helmets for kids.

The other great thing about the Scamp is that it fits TINY heads.  If you have a 12-month-old or 18 month old, the Giro Scamp probably offers the best fit you can find.

For more information, read my detailed review of the Giro Scamp.

Price & Where to Buy:

Lazer P’Nut MIPS

Lazer P'Nut Helmet

Like the Scamp, the Lazer P’Nut also offers top-of-the-line safety by incorporating MIPS technology.  But the awesomeness of this helmet doesn’t stop there.  There are several different styles of “nutshells,” covers that you can buy separately to change the look of the helmet.  These fun designs include a fireman hat and a space ship.

The P’Nut doesn’t just look good–it’s also super functional.  An Autofit® Retention System automatically sizes the helmet to your child’s head–no dial required.

Price & Where to Buy:

Nutcase Baby Nutty and Little Nutty

Everybody I know loves Nutcase helmets, primarily because they are cute. Both the Baby Nutty and the Little Nutty come in a wide variety of colorful and fun designs.  All the cool kids choose Nutcase helmets.

The other nice part about the Nutcase helmets is that they are good for skateboarding and roller skating as well as biking so you don’t need more than one helmet.

Price & Where to Buy:

  • MSRP: $50 (Baby Nutty), $60 (Little Nutty)
  • Check price at

Comparison Chart

Still not sure which helmet is best for your child?  Here’s a comparison in an easy to read chart.

Note: If you are reading on a mobile device, turn in sideways (landscape) so that you can see the entire table. 

ManufacturerModelHead Circumference*WeightPrice (MSRP)
KaliChakra Child 48-54cm 300 g $30
GiroScamp w/ MIPS 45-49cm (XS) 251 g $55
LazerP’Nut MIPS 46-50cm 270 g $55
NutcaseBaby Nutty 47-50cm 280 g $50
NutcaseLittle Nutty 48-52 cm (XS) 392 g $60

* To measure your child’s head, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of their head (right above their ears).  For more information, read our article on How to Fit a Child’s Bike Helmet. 



Kristen is a project manager and writer. She spends all her free time mountain biking with her family on the trails in Salt Lake City and Park City, UT.

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