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The Best Girls Bikes: Bicycles for Little and Big Girls (2019)

The Best Girls Bikes

Kids bikes are kids bikes are kids bikes…..Many bike brands market “girls bikes” or “boys bikes” but there is absolutely no difference for kids this age. If your daughter (or granddaughter) wants a “boys” bike, there is no reason she shouldn’t have it.

That said, there are plenty of girly girls out there (myself included) who want a GIRLY bike. They want a bike that is pink or purple. They want streamers or a basket or a doll baby bike seat. I get it.

For all the girls who like pink (like me), here are our top picks for NICE girls bikes for every age. If you’re not sure which size bike your child needs, scroll on down to our section on how to choose a bike. We’ve also included a round-up of girls bike accessories so you can make any bike feminine.

Girls 12 Inch Bikes (2.5 to 4 years old)

Cleary Gecko

Cleary Gecko

The hot pink Cleary Gecko is every little girl’s dream.  It also happens to be our favorite 12-inch bike.  It fits little ones as small as 2.5 years old.   We appreciate that it has dual handbrakes, high-quality components, and a good resale value.

For more information, read our full review of the Cleary Gecko.

Price and Where to Buy:

Specialized Hotrock 12 Girls

specialized hotrock pink

While we far prefer the Cleary Gecko to the Specialized Hotrock, this is a decent 12 inch bike for young pedalers.  The nice think about the Hotrock is that you can find it at your local Specialized dealer rather than shopping online, and it comes with training wheels if that’s the route you choose to go.  (See more about our thoughts on training wheels below).

For more information, read our detailed review of the Specialized Hotrock 12.

Price & Where to Buy:

Girls 14 Inch Bikes (3 to 5 years old)

Woom 2

woom 2 purple

Woom makes our favorite bikes for children of all ages, and fortunately for the girls, they also make all their models in colors girls might like — purple, yellow, and red.  The Woom 2 is THE BEST first pedal bike.  It is designed with child-appropriate geometry, easy-to-pull brake levers, and feather-light weight.  If you want the best for your child, buy them a Woom and forget about it.

For more information, read our detailed review of the Woom 2.

Price & Where to Buy:

Islabikes Cnoc 14

islabikes cnoc 14

Ask any parent who’s serious about cycling who makes great children’s bikes and they’ll name Islabikes.  A pioneer in the children’s bike market, Islabikes makes adult-quality bicycles in child sizes.  The Cnoc 14 features a lightweight, removable chainguard, sealed bearings, and easy-to-use hand brakes.  The bike is pricey, but no kids bike holds value as well as an Islabike.

For more information, read our detailed review of the Cnoc 14.

Price & Where to Buy:

Girls 16 Inch Bikes (4 to 6 years old)

Here are a couple of our top picks for girls 16 inch bikes. Want even more ideas?  Read our full post on the best 16″ girls bike around.

Woom 3

woom 3 purple

The Woom 3 has everything your child needs to succeed at and enjoy pedaling.  The bikes upright geometry makes pedaling easy and the super lightweight means that your little one won’t get tired or frustrated.  The bike comes with all the extras–a kickstand, bell, easy-to-pull, color-coded brake levers, and more.

For information, check out our detailed Woom 3 review.

Price & Where to Buy:

Frog 48 

Frog bikes are as cute as they come.  Their bikes come in a variety of adorable paint schemes that set them apart from all the other kids’ bikes out there.  They also come standard with two sets of Kenda tires, fenders, and a bell.

For more information, read my review of the Frog 48.

Price & Where to Buy:

Girls 20 Inch Bikes (6-8 years old)

Woom 4

woom 4 20 inch kids bike

The Woom 4 is the perfect bike to introduce your child to gears and shifting.  The 8-speed drivetrain is easily controlled via kid-friendly grip shifters.  Despite the gears, it still manages to be lighter than many 1-speed 20″ bikes.  Like it’s smaller siblings, the bike comes in several feminine colors–purple, red, and yellow.

Price & Where to Buy:

Cleary Owl

cleary owl 20 pink

If your child isn’t quite ready for gears yet (and you don’t want to deal with the added maintenance of a multi-speed drivetrain), the Cleary Owl provides a top-notch 20″ singlespeed.  The steel frame is both durable and attractive, and brand-name components mean this bike will roll fast for a long time.  Also, the faux-leather saddle adds a bit of style.

Price & Where to Buy:

Girls 24 Inch Bikes (7-11 years old)

Woom 5

woom 5 24" kids bike

Whether your child wants to ride to school or tackle their first LONG ride, the Woom 5 can help them get there in comfort and style.   The bike boasts adult-quality components such as Kenda tires, SRAM X4 8-speed shifters, and Jagwire brake cables.  Thanks to the high-quality build, this bike will last your kiddo a few years until they are ready to move on to an adult-sized bike.

Price & Where to Buy:

Ridgeback Dimensions 24

ridgeback purple

The Ridgeback Dimension’s shiny paint job will stand out on the bike racks outside school.  But this bike doesn’t just look pretty–it also performs.  The lightweight aluminum frame and high-quality components will help your child to bike long distances quickly.  It also includes eyelets so you can add fenders or a rack if you choose to do so.

Price & Where to Buy:

Comparison Chart: Bicycles for Girls

BikePrice (MSRP)Wheel SizeMinimum Seat HeightWeightTraining Wheels?Brake Type
Cleary Gecko$31012"15″13 lbsNoHand brakes
Specialized Hotrock 12$21012"17″15 lbsYesCoaster brake
Woom 2$33914"17″11.7 lbsNoHand brakes / coaster brake optional
Islabikes Cnoc 14$42014"18.5″12.4 lbsNoHand brakes / coaster brake
Woom 3$37016"19"12.26 lbsNoHand brakes
Frog 48$35016"19″14.8 lbsNoHand brakes / coaster brake optional
Woom 4$44920"
16.9 lbsNoHand brakes
Cleary Owl$46020"21 lbsNoHand brakes
Woom 5$44924"18.8 lbsNoHand brakes
Ridgeback Dimensions 24$45024"NoHand brakes

How To Choose a Bike for Your Child

The first step when shopping for a bike is to figure out what size your child needs.  While we’ve included a general age-range for each size bike above, each child (and each bike) is a little different.  The best way to determine which size bike your child needs is to measure their inseam and compare it to the minimum seat height of the specific bike you are considering

The next thing to look for is the bike’s weight.  After making sure a bike is the right size for your child, the single most important thing is how much it weighs.  This is doubly important for girls who tend to be more petite and less muscular than boys in the same age range.  Unfortunately, weight and price generally go hand-in-hand: the less a bike weighs, the more it costs.  For this reason, we recommend buying the lightest bike you can afford.

Other slightly less important things you will want to think about before buying a bike are whether or not you want training wheels, whether or not you want a coaster brake, if your child is read for a bike with gears.  We go into all these topics in more detail in our guide to choosing a kids bike.  

Girls Bike Accessories

These accessories are great to add even more fun to one of the bikes listed above OR to add a feminine touch to a less-than-girly bike.

Ride Along Dolly Doll Bike Seat

dolly bike seat

Little girls who have seen mommy biking with a baby seat will love having their own seat for their baby doll.  This one fits American Girls dolls–as well as pretty much any dolly or stuffed animal you can throw at it.

Where to Buy:

WINOMO Bike Streamers

bike streamers

Streamers are a cheap and easy way to add color to a bike.  Little kids also love them, and they make a great stocking stuffer or Easter basket filler.

Where to Buy: 

Mirrycle Incredibell


The Incredibell is one of our favorite bicycle bells for young children.  (My son could use it at 2 years old).  It makes a nice (not annoying) ring, and kids can watch the gears move inside the bell as they turn it.

Where to Buy:

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