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7 Best Kids Cyclocross Bikes (20″, 24″, and 26″ Cross Bikes)

The Best Kids Cyclocross Bikes

Whether your child plans on racing cyclocross, doing some big gravel-grinders, or just wants a commuter bike that can handle gravel and dirt, a ‘cross bike can be a great bicycle for older kids. Unfortunately, it is also difficult to find cyclocross bikes in youth sizes. While there aren’t a lot of options, there are some, and we’ve done the searching and research so you don’t have to.

Here are the best cyclocross bikes for kids, as well as tips on how to choose, and a comparison chart.

Islabikes Luath 24 and 26

Islabikes Luath 24

The Islabikes Luath is intended for cyclocross, road, or touring depending on your tire choice and build. The 24″ version fits kids as young as 8 and is built to last a few years (or a few kids). It weighs in at under 20 pounds thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame. The only thing we don’t love about it is the lack of disc brakes (although this could be a plus if your child is going to race under UCI rules).

Price & Where to Buy:

Islabikes Luath 24 and 26 PRO Series

luath pro

For kids who are serious about racing, the Luath Pro series offers the nicest bikes on this list.  While expensive, these bikes offer it all: carbon fork, Avid disc brakes, and Stans No Tube rims.  At 16 pounds, the Luath 24 Pro is also the lightest bike on this list.  Islabikes is dicountinuing this line (sniff!), but you might still be able to find one.

Price & Where to Buy:

Redline Conquest 20 and 24

redline conquest kids cyclocross bike

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, the Redline offers the best bang for your buck. It has nice knobby tires, Promax v-brakes, and Shimano Claris 16 speed drivetrain. It’s not the lightest, or the blingiest, cyclocross bike out there, but it will get the job done.

Price & Where to Buy:

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Diamondback Haanjo 24

diamondback haanjo

If you are looking for a bike for gravel grinding and long off-road rides, the Diamondback Haanjo is a great solution. It comes with Tektro mechanical disc brakes and eyelets for adding a touring rack. Decent parts like the Shimano 2×8 drivetrain also mean it can handle the distance.

Price & Where to Buy:

$650.00 USD
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Frog 58, 67, and 70

Frog Road 67

Although these Frog bikes are marketed as “road” bikes, they work well for cyclocross as well. The Frog 58 is also one of the smallest ‘cross options available, fitting kids as young as 6. Instead of having to upgrade tires, these bikes ship standard with a pair of slicks and a pair of Kenda cyclocross tires.

Price & Where to Buy:

* Frog 58: $650 at
* Frog 67: $680 at
* Frog 70: $700 at

Raleigh RX24

raleigh rx24 kids cyclocross bike

Looking for a killer deal?  Take a look at the Raleigh RX24.  This little cross bike includes mechanical disc brakes, Kenda tires, and a SRAM 1×10 drivetrain for under $500.  And the weight is on par with bikes a couple hundred dollars more.

Price & Where to Buy:

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Genesis Beta CX 26

genesis beta

This flashy bike is sure to look good on the cross course or on the commute to school.  Luckily it doesn’t just look good, the Genesis Beta CX has quality components as well: Shimano 1×9 drivetrain, Kenda tires, Promax disc brakes, and more.  At nearly 25 pounds, however, the bike’s weight is a bit higher than we would prefer.

Price & Where to Buy:

Comparison Chart: Youth Cyclocross Bikes

Not sure which of these bikes is best for your child? Here is a comparison chart to help you choose.  You can also use our tips below on how to pick a kids cyclocross bike.

BikeMSRPWheel SizeWeightBrakesTires
Islabikes Luath 24$800 USD24″19.5 lbsTektro RIm BrakesKenda Contenders
Islabikes Luath 26$800 USD26″20.5 lbsTektro RIm BrakesKenda Contenders
Islabikes Luath 24 Pro$1,400 USD24″16.5 lbsAvid Mechanical DiscIn-house, tubeless ready
Islabikes Luath 26 Pro$1,400 USD26″17.5 lbsAvid Mechanical DiscIn-house, tubeless ready
Redline Conquest 24
24″UnknownPromax Disc BrakesOdyssey T126
Redline Conquest 2026″UnknownPromax Disc BrakesOdyssey T126
Diamondback Haanjo Trail 24
$650.00 USD
24″UnknownTektro Mechanical DiscKenda K161 Kross Cyclo
Frog 58$650 USD20″18 lbsTektro RIm BrakesKenda K1153
Frog 67$680 USD24″19.5 lbsTektro RIm BrakesKenda K1153
Frog 70$700 USD26″20.5 lbsTektro RIm BrakesKenda K1153
Raleigh RX24
$486.99 USD
24″20.0 lbsPromax Disc BrakesKenda Kross
Genesis Beta CX 26$800 USD26″24.5 lbsPromax Disc BrakesKenda Kapture

How to Pick a Kids Cyclocross Bike

There aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to cross bikes for kids, which actually kinda helps make the decision on which to buy easier. Nonetheless, there are a few things you should consider when shopping for a cyclocross bike for your child.


While UCI rules used to preclude disc brakes for cyclocross racing, this was changed several years ago.  Where you have the option, we would always choose a bike with disc brakes over rim brakes.   For most off-road riding, disc brakes are far superior in terms of performance and stopping power.  Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of cyclocross bikes with disc brakes for kids, so you might have to compromise on this one.

Bike Size and Weight

Like all kids bikes, youth cyclocross bikes are measured by wheel size NOT frame size. If you’re not sure which size bike your child needs, read our article on how to measure your child for a bike.

Chances are, if you are shopping for a cross bike for your kiddo, that you are already a pretty serious cyclist yourself. Which also means you know how important weight is in a bike. This is doubly true for kids who have light body weight and low muscle mass. If your child is going to be using the bike for racing, they are also going to be lifting this bicycle up and over obstacles and running with it, so keep in mind that the lighter the bike is the more they are going to enjoy racing.


Is this going to be your child’s primary bike or a sport-specific second bike? This question is important when considering how much you want to spend. If your kiddo already has a road bike or a mountain bike or an around-town bike, and is just using the cyclocross to test out a few races, then you might want to pick a bike at the bottom of the budget spectrum. If, on the other hand, your kiddo is going to use this bike for riding to school, riding long distances with mom and dad, or serious racing, then fork out the dough and invest in the best quality bike you can afford.

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