The Best Places to Bike with Kids – Salt Lake City

When biking as a family, there are several things you want to avoid—traffic, big hills, and long distances without bathrooms (ha!).

If you live in Salt Lake City (or are visiting) here are my 5 top picks for places in or near Salt Lake City that meet those criteria.  All these rides are perfect for a Saturday afternoon ride with the kiddos. Grab some water, snacks, and go have fun!

Note: These are all paved rides.  If you are more interested in hitting some dirt trails, read this post instead.

Jordan River Parkway

The Jordan River Parkway is 45 miles of paved path that runs along the Jordan River through three counties. The section within Salt Lake City proper passes ten (yes 10!) parks which mean lots of opportunity for play stops.

Within a dense urban area, this trail also provides a connection to nature for kids without a trip out of the city.

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City Creek Canyon

Our family riding City Creek Canyon in SLC, UT
Our family riding City Creek Canyon in SLC, UT

On odd days during the summer, the road up City Creek Canyon is closed to automobiles which turns it into a safe, quiet haven for cyclists.

It is uphill so you need a modicum of fitness for this ride, but there are plenty of shady places along the creek where you can stop and play or even have a picnic lunch. As all cycling parents know, any family ride needs good pitstops, and City Creek has plenty.

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The Farm and McLeod Creek Trails

Nice and wide (and suitable for trailers!), the McLeod Creek Trail is a combination of gravel and paved trail. Along with the Farm and several other trails, it connects Park City to Kimball Junction with several possible side trips along the way.

The trail passes through several parks where kids can play or use the restroom. The scenic ride also provides families the opportunity to spot wildlife.

If you want even more mileage, knock yourself out. These trails connect into a myriad of Park City bike paths.

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Provo River Parkway

This paved bike path not only provides a gentle ride far away from traffic, it also passes by a WATERFALL and ends at a playground.  We like to pack a picnic and make a day out of it.

If your family enjoys fishing, you could even bring your fishing license and pole and hit up all the holes along the way.

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Parley’s Trail and S-Line Trail

In the heart of SLC, these two sections of trail provide a short ride with ice cream at the end.  Try Parley’s Trail starting in Sugarhouse Park at 1700 E and take it under the tunnel into “downtown” Sugarhouse.  There are plenty of places for lunch or treats. 

If you are coming from the West, try the S-Line trail instead.  This follows the Sugarhouse Trolley and ends at Fairmont Park where you can play at the playground or go for a swim at Fairmont Pool.

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Other rides in Salt Lake City

There is no shortage of good riding in the SLC area. One of our favorite things to do is ride the neighborhood roads near our home in Sugar House. Do you have a favorite place you ride with your family? What great rides did we miss?

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  1. Hi just wanted to add the Farmington Creek Trail and walking path in Farmginton next to Lagoon.

    We like to park at the Ezra T Clark Park and ride from S to N ending at Farmington pond
    go in the evening on a weekday and beat the heat.



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