The Ultimate Guide to Kids Cycling Clothing

Ultimate Guide to Bike Clothes for Kids

Another mom recently told me how much trouble she was having finding cycling clothes for her kids. She was looking for bike shorts that were both affordable and “cool” and coming up short (no pun intended).

While I can’t promised all of the options listed here are affordable (how much are you willing to spend on a kit that will last one season?), I can assure you that I’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of kids bike clothes on the market.

But why even bother?

You might be asking yourself why kids need bike clothes at all. The short answer is that they don’t NEED them. Little kids in particular might be perfectly happy biking in their street clothes. My son tends to prefer his pajamas. Whatever—it works.

As kids start riding more seriously however, cycling-specific clothes become more important. Padded bike shorts can make long rides much more comfortable. Bike jerseys provide pocket storage and wick sweat.

But the biggest reason to buy your child bike-specific clothes is that they are COOL. Of course, non-cyclists might not think they’re cool, but we don’t care about them. For kids to feel like they fit in on the bike path or at the bike park, a bike jersey can go a long way. Putting on bike clothes can also put a child in the “lets go biking” frame of mind and help motivate them to ride.

Consider joining a club

Does your child love to ride? Consider having them join a junior cycling club. These groups often offer cycling kits at more affordable prices—in addition to offering group rides, skill clinics, and more. Check out our list of youth cycling programs to find an organization local to you.

Clothes for girls

I will admit the list I’ve compiled is pretty pathetic when it comes to girl’s clothes—there’s just not that much out there. A lot of the stuff listed below are marketed as “Boy’s Clothes”—but I would just ignore that. Baggy black shorts are going to work just as well on a girl as a boy. That said, hopefully in the future we’ll see more companies offering girls-specific bike clothes.

Kids Bike Jerseys and Jackets

Kids Cycling Jerseys and Jackets
From left to right: Rockey Mountain Rags, Endura, Altura, and One Industries

Altura—If you are looking for a professional looking road-style jersey or jacket for your kiddo, look no further than Altura.

Dakine—Dakine makes gorgeous long-sleeved mountain bike jerseys sized for kids.

Endura—Endura makes high-quality kid-sized jerseys and jackets. Of course, high-quality equals high price tag as well.

Fox—The kids Ranger jerseys are t-shirt style downhill jerseys that look pro.

Kanu—If you are on a budget, check out the Kanu jerseys. They come in sizes that fit kids ages 4-8 and are easy on the wallet.

One Industries—The Atom jersey is just about the cutest long-sleeve jersey around. Although it is marketed as a “boys” jersey, I think it would be adorable on a little girl.

Rocky Mountain Rags—These jerseys come in a wide variety of colorful and fun designs sure to please little riders.

Scott—Scott makes some fantastic kids bikes and they make jerseys to match. Choose from the mtb-style progressive jersey or tighter fitting RC team jersey.

Spindaroos—No matter how little your kiddo is, Spindaroos has a jersey for them. These cute tops are even made in infant sizes.  Read our detailed Spindaroos review.

Troy Lee—This brand makes surprisingly affordable—and super bright—downhill jerseys.

Kids Bike Shorts

Kids Bike Shorts
From left to right: Fox, Troy Lee, Zoic, Aero Tech Designs

Aero Tech Designs—If you are looking for affordable lycra-style bike shorts, these are your best option. They come in a wide variety of fun colors.

Altura—Choose from either the lycra Sprint short or the baggy Spark short.

Dakine—The super cool Pace baggy shorts come in sizes small enough for a 5 year old.

Fox—The Ranger short is a favorite amongst mountain bikers everywhere, and Fox makes them in kids sizes as well. Unfortunately, they come with an adult-sized price tag.

Spindaroos-Just like their jerseys, Spindaroos shorts fit all sizes of kids ages infant to 12 years.

Troy Lee—If your little ripper likes to spend their days at the bike park, they’ll fit right in with some Troy Lee baggies.

Zoic – I have a couple pairs of Zoic shorts and LOVE them. These are the same high quality, just sized down for smaller riders.  They even have awesome baggy shorts for girls.

Kids Bike Clothes Comparison Chart

Looking for a particular style or a specific price-point? Use this comparison chart to help you shop.

Note: I’ve categorized these clothes as “road” or “MTB” but clearly you can use both for any cycling discipline (to include bike rides to the ice cream store).

Clothing Type Brand Name Style Price (MSRP)
Jersey Altura Road/MTB– Short sleeve $28
Jacket Altura Sprint Road/MTB-Long sleeve $43
Jersey Dakine Dropout MTB – Short sleeve $25
Jersey Endura Hummvee Road/MTB-Short sleeve $50
Jacket Endura Luminite II Road/MTB – Long sleeve $90
Jersey Fox Ranger MTB – Short Sleeve $45
Jersey Kanu Road – Short Sleeve $16
Jersey One Industries Atom MTB – Long Sleeve $23
Jersey Rocky Mountain Rags Road – Short Sleeve $50
Jersey Scott RC Team Road-Short Sleeve $45
Jersey Scott Progressive MTB-Short Sleeve $50
Jersey Spindaroos Spin2Kids Road – Short sleeve $39
Jersey Troy Lee Sprint MTB — Long sleeve $38
Jersey Troy Lee Skyline MTB – Short sleeve $45
Shorts Aero Tech Designs Road $20
Shorts Altura Sprint Road $43
Shorts Altura Spark MTB $43
Shorts Dakine Pace MTB $60
Shorts Fox Ranger MTB $60
Shorts Spindaroos Spin 2 Kids Road $32
Shorts Troy Lee Sprint MTB $80
Shorts Troy Lee Skyline MTB $70
Shorts Zoic Ether Jr MTB $50
Shorts Zoic Rippette MTB $50

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Kids Cycling Clothing

  1. Thanks much, Kristin, for the information here. Question: My 6-year-old is obsessed with the world champion and would love a world champion’s rainbow-striped jersey. The only one I can find is the official UCI licensed Santini for $70, which is pro-kit-level prices, not kid prices. Do you know of any world champion’s rainbow jersey for kids and at kid prices ($30 or $40)? It doesn’t have to be UCI-licensed but should at least look reasonably accurate. Thanks! -Keith

    • Hi Keith, I did a quick search and didn’t come up with anything for you. Spindaroos has a polka-dot and yellow jersey so I was hoping they might have one, but alas no….Maybe buy a white jersey and DIY the rainbow stripes? Best of luck!

  2. Thank you and great article. I just joined a cyclocross team for my son and I and they closed the clothing order until next year! I ended up buying a CRAFT kit for my son from Backcountry (on sale) that is not listed in your table so maybe you want to add it. Craft is a favorite brand of mine so I’m sure that my son will love it too. I also wanted to note that 2XU has some great fitting kids tri kits if you are looking to expand your analysis and interests.

    • Hi Carl,
      Thanks so much! Updating this article has been on my to-do list for a while now, and I’ll make sure to add those. I personally like the couple of CRAFT items I have as well.

  3. Hey Kristen,
    I just bought the Yepp Maxi Easyfit due to your fantastic, helpful, and thorough review, only to discover it doesn’t fit on either my husband’s or my rack! Doh! 🤦‍♀️😅 (And of course you warned me to do my research first to pick the right one – oops! 😂🤦‍♀️😂) But I’ll sort that out no worries!
    Wondering if you have any recommendations for rain ponchos to cover kid in the Yepp seat while cycling in inclement weather? We live in Singapore, so while we wouldn’t intentionally set out on a ride in rainy weather, it’s inevitable that we’ll be caught in the rain on a ride at some point!
    Our younger son will be in the front mounted weeride, so I’d be interested in ponchos for both if you happen to have suggestions!
    Thanks so much for your great posts!
    Ride safe!
    Appreciate any

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