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Thule Yepp Maxi Bike Seat Review

There are few bike seats that gain the loyalty and adoration of parents like the Thule Yepp Maxi has.  The seat is popular with nearly every serious biking family I know, including our own.  When asked what rear bike seat to buy, I always respond with “The Yepp Maxi.”

Our family has been testing the Yepp Maxi for a while now, and here is what we love about the seat (and what we don’t).  I’ll also help explain the different options (frame mount vs rack mount), so you make sure to buy the best version for your family.

Thule Yepp Maxi Review

Review in a Nutshell


  • Seat is easily washable and water-resistant
  • Fits on a wide variety of bikes, comes in both frame mount and rack mount versions
  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Good ventilation, kids don’t get sweaty


  • Standard version is time-consuming to install
  • Doesn’t recline for naps

Price & Where to Buy:

Yepp Maxi Video Review

Yepp Maxi Frame Mount vs Yepp Maxi Rack Mount

When considering the Yepp Maxi for your family, one of the most important things to understand right off the bat is that there are really TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS

The frame-mount Yepp Maxi installs to the seat tube of your bicycle right below the seatpost.  The Yepp Maxi Rack Mount (previously called the Yepp Maxi Easyfit) installs to an existing frame-mounted rack installed on the back of your bike.

Yepp Maxi Standard vs Yepp Maxi Easyfit

Which Yepp Maxi should you buy?  If you already have a rack installed on your bike, or have a longtail cargo bike like the Xtracycle, this is an easy choice: go with the rack mount version.  It makes installation a cinch. 

Even if you don’t have a rack already, you might consider adding a rack like the Thule Yepp Rear Rack.  A word of caution: make sure your rack accommodates a load of AT LEAST 60 pounds (your child plus the seat).  Some don’t.

The other nice thing about the rack mount version is that if you plan on swapping the seat between bikes (like yours and your husbands) you can easily do that as long as you both have a rack.

The standard frame mount version is nice if you don’t care to add a rack to your bike, or if you don’t have eyelets on your bike to mount a rack to.  It will work on MOST bikes, but if you are particularly small or have a bike with strange geometry, it might not fit. 

Unfortunately, one of the only ways to really know if it is going to work is to try installing it.  For this reason, we recommend buying it from somewhere that will allow free returns or exchanges. 

Also, keep in mind that if you plan to swap the seat between bikes each seat will need to have its own mount installed.  Fortunately, Thule sells this mount as a separate add-on so this is possible.

One bummer about the Yepp Maxi is that the seats are not convertible.  In other words, the rack mount version cannot be converted to a seat tube install, and the standard cannot be mounted on a rack.  That’s why we recommend spending some time up front deciding which seat will work best for your family.

Biking with the Yepp Maxi

Child Size and Weight Limits

The Yepp Maxi is designed to fit babies and children between 9 months and 6 years old. (Note: The AAP recommends waiting until one year before biking with a baby.  For more info on this, read my article on biking with infants).

Yepp Maxi Sizing

My 5.5-year-old still fits relatively comfortably in the seat although he is nearing the 48.5-pound maximum weight limit.  The high back accommodates children as they grow, and the leg stirrups are adjustable to fit both short and long legs.


I installed the standard Yepp seat on my commuter bike — an old Specialized Rockhopper with a 15-inch frame.  This was a good test because it fit, and because most folks aren’t riding a frame smaller than 15-inches.  (That said, extra petite women, this may be an issue for you).

The installation ended up being more difficult and time-consuming than I expected.  The biggest issue I discovered is that the mount interfered with the quick-release on my seatpost — boo.  In total, the install took about 30 minutes and I certainly wouldn’t want to repeat it.

Thule Yepp Maxi installation

Installation of the rack mount version is easier, assuming you already have a rack installed on your bike.  Some racks, particularly on long-tail cargo bikes, already have an Easyfit window. 

In this case, install is REALLY easy.  If your rack doesn’t have an Easyfit window (most don’t), you can buy an Easyfit adaptor.  While this adds an extra step to the install, it is still pretty easy.

Comfortable, washable seat

My favorite thing about the Yepp Maxi is the seat itself.  It is made of EVA (a rubbery material) that is easily washable (just wipe down with a washcloth) and water resistant. 

We’ve discovered we much prefer this to a seat with a fabric liner (like the CoPilot Limo) because inevitably the seat will get wet in a rainstorm or the morning dew, and with the Yepp, you can just wipe it dry.

Thule Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat

According to my son, the seat is also comfortable.  The frame is softer than hard plastic seats and he’s been on a few long rides without complaint. 

Because the seat has lots of holes in it, it is breathable and comfortable on hot days.  He comes out of the seat without a wet, sweaty back or butt.

The one comfort item that the seat does lack is a reclinable back.  This makes it less ideal for little ones who tend to fall asleep on the bike.  For real sleepy babies and toddlers, we prefer a seat like the Hamax Caress, that helps keep their heads from flopping around.


yepp maxi 5 point harness

The Yepp Maxi has a 5-point harness

I hear you saying, all that’s great, but is the Yepp Maxi safe?  While there is always a certain risk involved with biking with your child (just as there is in driving with a child in the car), the Yepp Maxi does a good job of minimizing that risk. 

The seat has a 5-point safety harness and built-in reflectors on the back of the seat.  There’s also a safety light attachment point so you can clip on a rear blinky light such as the Frog Knog. Finally, the seat locks into place (with lock and key) so you also don’t have to worry about it somehow sliding off the mount.

reflectors on the thule yepp maxi

Reflectors on the Yepp Maxi

Loading a Child

The fact that the seat has a relatively open profile compared to other rear-mounted bike seats means that it is easy to load a child into it.  My 5.5-year-old is actually able to load and unload himself if I keep the bike still.  (He still needs me to buckle and unbuckle him thanks to the child-proof buckle). 

As with all bike seats, it can be a bit difficult to both hold the bike and lift a child into the seat at the same time.  If you end up struggling with this, you might want to consider adding a kickstand.


I already mentioned that the seat locks into place with a lock and key.  This isn’t just convenient to know it is properly secured, it also protects against theft. 

The Thule Yepp Maxi is a popular seat, and it is not cheap.  If you live in an urban area with plenty of bicycle theft, this is important to help protect your investment.

Beautiful Design

Maybe you shouldn’t pick a bike seat based on the way it looks, but if it checks all the other boxes, hey, why not?  The Thule Yepp Maxi has a simple, sleek, and beautiful design. 

It comes in both black and a variety of bright, cheerful colors.  Thanks to the fact that you can easily wipe it down, it stays looking nice for a long time and should fetch a good resale value when you’re done with it.

Biking with a child in the Yepp Maxi child sea

No Storage

One thing worth noting on the Yepp Maxi is that it does not have any sort of storage compartment. The Burley Dash for instance, has a pocket at the bag that can store a few diapers or snacks. No rear mount bike seat a lot of storage, but you might choose to opt for one that has some.

Comparison Chart: Rear Baby and Child Bike Seats

How does the Yepp Maxi stack up with other bike seats?  Check out our comparison chart in our post on the 9 Best Kids Bike Seats & How To Choose!


The Yepp Maxi is hands-down our favorite rear bike seat for biking with young kids.  Between the frame and rack mount versions, you should be able to find an installation set-up that works for your particular bike (or bikes). 

It can grow with your child from baby to kindergarten making it a worthwhile investment.  Finally, we love the sleek look, bright colors, and washable material.

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About The Reviewers

The Rascals are a family of three. Kristen (mom), Blair (dad), and Parker (kiddo). We started Rascal Rides when Parker was born and we didn’t want to give up our passion for biking. As we learned, we shared. Over the years, we’ve tested hundreds of kids bikes, helmets, bike trailers, and more.

Kristen is a USA Cycling certified coach and loves to share her passion for biking with other families. Blair is a bike geek, mechanic, and mountain bike junkie. Parker is our resident tester and inspiration.

If you see us out on the trail, make sure to say hi!

35 thoughts on “Thule Yepp Maxi Bike Seat Review”

  1. Hi there. Thank you for this post. I have the standard Yepp Maxi (attaches to seat post) and found the weight on the back made it feel unsteady. I understand that this is normal before getting used to it. However, I read on the Amazon page for this seat in the reviews section that they do not recommend installing this on a frame under 21″. Mine is 19.5.” Is yours really 15″ and are you finding the balancing okay? What’s your height?

    Just wanted to check as I am about to return it! Thank you!

    • Yup, mine is really 15″. I am 5’5″. That’s certainly not a recommendation from Thule…..As far as stability goes, it definitely takes more effort than riding without it. This is true of all bike seats. I’d encourage you to give it a little more time and practice. That said, some people never do get comfortable with it. If that’s you, you might want to try a trailer or cargo bike instead.

  2. Thank you for the information. How about easy removal for solo rides with the Easyfit version? Is it quick to put on and take off? Thanks.

    • Super easy. Just takes a few seconds to slide off. Again, you’re left with a rear rack though…..which could be annoying, or handy if you want to carry stuff on your solo rides…..

  3. Thanks for the review. Does the Thule Yepp Maxi Frame Adapter (Standard) have a weight limit? I see 48lbs for the rack version but cannot find a limit for the standard anywhere. Thanks!

  4. Hello! I am debating whether to get a second Yepp Maxi for my second child for when she first begins to ride close to a year or to go with a Yepp Mini in the front for her first year. I would much rather have one seat for her from the start but am unsure if the Yepp Maxi (which my first daughter started riding in after just after 2, when we got the bike) would be comfortable for an infant. I guess, I am wondering what the ups and downs of the front-attaching Mini over the rear-attaching Maxi are. For reference, I have a cargo bike so the back can accommodate the two Maxi seats. Thanks!

    • Hi Danni,
      I personally prefer front-mounted seats for really little ones just because it’s easier to talk to them, keep them entertained, comforted, etc. From a logistical perspective though, there’s no reason not to just put her directly in the Yepp Maxi. She’ll fit just fine! I know plenty of parents who’ve gone straight to the Maxi around 9-12 months.

    • Hi Ahmed,
      I’m not familiar with the bike, but a quick google search makes it seem like it’s probably an older steel hardtail. If that’s true, then it *should* work well.

  5. Hello, Thank you for this information very useful. If I understand correctly,
    to use the Easy Fit, you need to buy a seat, rack and the adapter. Is this correct?

    • Hi Illya,
      Yes, that’s correct. The only exception would be if you have bike you have already has a built-in rack that’s compatible with the EasyFit (like a Xtracycle for instance).

  6. Hi! I’m so new to this and forgive me if this is a dumb question. *Should* a beach cruiser with a welded rear rack work with the maxi? I’m looking at the Huffy Nel Lusso which has the rear rack and cannot figure this out. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Anna,
      No dumb questions! A beach cruiser with a welded on rack *should* work, assuming that it’s built to hold at least 50 pounds. I’m not sure if that’s the case with the Huffy; it’s a cheaper bike so not sure about the durability. You could try reaching out to them to ask what the rear rack is rated for.

      If it is strong enough, you’ll still need to get the Easyfit Adaptor.

      Hope that helps!

    • Logan, I can tell you it would with 100% certainty since I haven’t tried installing it on that specific bike, but it definitely looks like it would based on the frame design. I think you should be good to go.

  7. Hello Kristen!

    Thanks for this! Such a great article. I have a Schwinn Sidewinder Electric bike. Based on the feedback you have provided others, your own bike and the Thule PDF manual, this most definitely seems it would fit my bike, but I need a bit of validation hahaha.. After all, you know best as you have one.
    I most recently made the mistake of buying a Copilot Limo, but found my bike could not accommodate a rack. Will you take a look and give me your thoughts? My son is 3 and I really want to be able to take him along when my older daughter and I take rides. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Marisa,
      It sure looks like it should work. My only concern would be interference with the battery. Make sure you have enough space (~14 inches) on your seat-tube above the battery. And order somewhere that allows free returns in case it doesn’t work.

  8. Hi Kristen,

    I bought a Yepp Maxi easi fit yesterday and find that the frame interferes with my pedalling. Is this normal? The rack that it sits on is a Top Peak and has a middle metal divider under the frame which means I cannot install the seat further back on the rack. Do you have any suggestions on how I can still ride comfortably with the seat installed?

  9. Hello.
    I really like these seats! For the easy fit. Is there any way you can unscrew / pop off the legs to the seat? I’d like to attach to a rear tricycle rack and really just need the seat part..

  10. Hi,

    Sorry I am really new to all of this!!
    I just bought a Specialized Roll Sport – Low Entry.. and I am looking for have my 2 yr old ride in a rear seat with me.. From what I understand I need to buy a Thule rack along with the seat?? Thank you so So So much!

  11. Hello,
    I’m looking for some help with the rack mounted Yepp. My bike does not currently have a rack. Do you recommend one that will fit the Yepp? I have a Specialized Roll Low Entry


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