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Thule Yepp Mini Bike Seat Review: Why It’s One Of The Best!

Author: Candice Dawson


The Thule Yepp Mini is a lightweight front-mounted child bike seat that gives you a more interactive ride with a quick set up and a convenient locking system. The mounting hardware is quick to attach with the proper amount of spacing under the stem and can be adjusted and mounted in no time.

The style of the seat is comfortable, cleanable, and stays cool in the heat. It is a great option for cruising around town and getting back out on the trails. 

thule yepp mini in action

Review in a Nutshell


  • Easy maneuverability with the balanced weight
  • Seat is lightweight and sturdy
  • Attachment and removal is easy with simple latch
  • Quick, convenient seatbelt 


  • Foot rests limit turning rotation
  • Requires an adjustment of riding position

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I struggled with attaching the mounting platform for an embarrassingly long time. I immediately ran into compatibility issues with each of our bikes, which was a surprise.

The mounting piece is a sturdy chuck of plastic that is bolted around the head tube under the stem. This piece requires roughly over a inch of clearance or you will need to order an adaptor piece to get it on.

I ended up needing to add more spacers and swap stems in order to get it on my mountain bike without an adaptor. Be sure to check mounting compatibility when considering this option. 

thule yepp mini sleep roll

Once the mounting platform is attached, the seat locks cleanly and securely with a key. Each seat comes with a set of two keys, which makes sharing this seat between bikes simple.

The seat slides onto the mount and clicks on its own with the option to lock it into place, adding a level of safety and protecting it from theft. It is also no problem to remove the seat one handed – which is the way that I do most things.

I also appreciate that you do not have to take out a wrench in order to get the seat off; just a quick un-click of the seat and I can swap with my partner while stopped on the trail side, so fun. 


The seat buckles in the center with the two shoulder straps coming together at the waist and the buckle feels sturdy and secure. Adjusting the seat belt strap lengths is also quick, but keeping the belts the proper length has been a challenge. I’ve been needing to adjust the straps for each ride in order to get the tension right.

happy child in thule yepp mini

A Note On Mountain Biking With The Thule Yepp Mini

When picking a seat, safety is a big priority. I hesitate a bit when considering a front mounted bike seat for mountain biking due to the front fall possibility.

If this is a concern, then a trailer would be a safer scenario for larger downhill riding, but for our local trails, this seat worked just fine for me. After some time in the saddle, the ride feels comfortable, easy to maneuver, and I know my child is safe barring any mistakes I make. 

Weight And Age

As with most child seats, Thule recommends waiting until the child is able to support their own head before going for a ride with this seat. Generally, this means waiting until about 9 months, and then making sure the helmet is able to be supported.

This seat is then able to be used until they reach 33 lbs. I was bummed that this meant only having about a year or so with this seat, but once that weight is reached, you’ll likely be wanting another system. 

Bike Compatability

This seat can only be mounted to a bike with a steel fork and does not work with carbon frames. The fork will need to be long enough to have 1 1/2 inches of clearance under the stem and the seat itself occupies most of the top tube, so a bike with a more aggressive riding position would be difficult. Swapping this seat between a mountain bike and a cruiser is ideal because it is lightweight enough for single track and simple enough for frequent stops around town. 

When this seat was mounted to my city bike, I needed to lower my saddle in order to properly balance us while stopped. I also struggled with my inability to stand over the top tube due to the placement of the seat which meant I would need to stay on the saddle when stopped.

Adjusting my riding position in order to accommodate the added weight and movement restrictions made switching to my mountain bike with a dropper post that much more fantastic. The dropper post saves the trouble of comprising your riding position for stability, which made the mountain ride just that much better. 

Set Up

Setting up this seat on a compatible bike took minutes. Everything is included in the hardware supplied and the instructions are easy. The seat stays in an upright, fixed position and we loved the add-on removable foam headrest with adorable detachable bunny.

thule yepp mini review

The foot rests have plenty of length and can be adjusted on the fly. The seat itself is smooth, durable, and can be easily cleaned. 

Once the seat is mounted, the turning radius of the handlebars may be limited due to the position of the footrests. If the radius is reduced to less than 45 degrees than you will need to replace your handlebars.

Depending on the bike, this seat may also require an adaptor. The mounting adaptor is available for an additional $24.95 and is one of the many customizations that can be made with the seat. It also comes in a variety of colors and has an attachable windshield. 

Ride Experience

Taking this seat out for our first ride took a bit of an adjustment. It was awkward to accommodate the movement restrictions and the headrest did not do well to support my child’s head as he napped.

Adjusting my saddle height meant that longer rides would be tricky and this immediately limited the range in which I would use this seat for our road riding adventures. But, once I took it off my touring bike and moved it to my mountain bike, I was much happier. The increased interaction with my child while riding is a joy and is really only possible with a front mounted seat. 

The biggest hurdle we faced was sleep. I played pinball with my elbows for about fifteen minutes while my child’s head rolled from one side of the headrest to the other.

Eventually, I resorted to propping up his sleeping head with my arm. We were not able to have a successful nap on our rides with this seat until we got a neck pillow for added support. The back rest provides a good place for a nap, but keeping your child’s head from rolling all around is a bit tricky which makes full day adventures less possible.    

Making any quick adjustments to footrests or seat belts after your child is seated is easy enough to reach while standing over the bike and the centered weight helps keep the bike upright when stopped.

Taking your child in and out of the seat is also simple. This bike seat did wonderfully on short commutes through town, neighborhoods, and easy trail systems. 

Bottom Line: Makes It Possible To Engage With Your Child On A Ride

With the Thule Yepp Mini, your child gets a front row seat to all the interesting happenings and you get a chance to engage while out for a ride. Sure, the handling will be altered a bit due to weight, you may need to adjust your riding position, and sleeping will be a bit tricky, but the ability to get your child quickly and securely on the bike and out on the trails while also being able to chat about the trees and share quick kisses makes it all worth it. 

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