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Top 10 Websites for Cycling Families

Top 10 Websites for Cycling Families
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Whether you are looking for a little inspiration to get the family out for a summer afternoon ride, want to decrease your reliance on your car, or don’t know what bike to buy, our list of the 10 Best Websites for Cycling Families will help.  These sites (mostly blogs) will entertain, inspire, and educate.

1) Tiny Helmets Big Bikes

This inspirational Sacramento family is car-free and manages to get around via bike and bus (even Grandma and Grandpa join in on the fun!). In addition to blogging about their adventures on bike, they have a great section on how to get started biking with kids.

2) Totcycle

This blog is no longer updated, but still houses a wealth of good information on “family biking.” Written by a Seattle pediatrician and his wife, Totcycle is a big advocate of cargo bikes and even make recommendations on how to bike with an infant in tow.

3) Two Wheeling Tots

Natalie at Two Wheeling Tots is the undisputed authority on balance bikes. She provides detailed reviews, specs, and pictures of nearly every balance bike on the market as well as child seats, trailers, and helmets. If you’re confused on what to buy, this is the place to go.

4) Family on Bikes

The Vogel family left their jobs and biked from Alaska to Argentina with their two sons in tow. Not just for families interested in touring, Family on Bikes encourages living your dreams (whatever they are) and believing in the potential of our children.

5) Kiddical Mass

Named after the controversial Critical Mass rides, Kiddical Mass is a family-friendly, law-abiding ride that has taken sprout in urban areas across the country.   If you are in a city that offers these rides, they are a great way to meet other cycling families and spread awareness of cycling as an alternative means of transportation for kids and their parents. (This is something I’d love to start in Salt Lake City eventually. Anyone interested?)

6) Family Ride

Madeleine from Family Ride is one of the most notable cycling ambassadors in the cycling-crazy city of Seattle. She’s involved with Seattle Kiddical Mass (see above) as well as several other advocacy organizations. From biking the kids to school to taking them to pick up a Christmas Tree (!), this blog will show you how possible it is to cycle with your children in tow.

7) Pedal Adventures

After her 2 year old son was tragically killed, this mom started The Axel Project, a non-profit that strives to get kids on bikes, in his honor. Jen writes about her travels with her family, her son’s competitive cycling, and children’s cycling advocacy.

8) Davey Oil (G&O Family Cyclery)

Another Seattleite (noticing a trend here?), Davey is a bike shop owner and dad. His site hosts a wealth of information (and some laughs) for parents, including sections entitled “Beginner Pedal Parenting” and “Riding with Kids.”

9) The Family Adventure Project

Stuart, Kristi, and their three kids blog at the Family Adventure Project about their experiences as they travel and adventure around the world. Their cycling adventures are sure to inspire you to get out and go for a family ride.   Even if you’re not ready to take off on a mountain bike trip to Croatia, they offer some great advice on choosing bikes for cycling with kids.

10) Bikes as Transportation

Most errands we run are within a few miles of home, which make them perfect for riding with kids. Bikes as Transportation is a blog that highlights the practical uses of riding bikes (plus bike touring), and shows how doable it can be as a family. Check out the sections on “children” and “family.”

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