Wishbone 3-In-1 Review: First Bike For Baby Or Toddler

Author: Malorie Gage


As parents, we are always on the lookout for products that are not only safe and beneficial for our kids, but also worth the investment. We desire items that can grow with our children, items that are sustainable, and items that encourage a love for the outdoors.

Enter the Wishbone 3-in-1, a convertible trike to balance bike that promises not just hours of fun for our little ones, but also a commitment to quality and sustainability.

In this review, I delve into my daughter’s experience with this bike, and how it compares to other popular choices in the market. Whether your child is an aspiring little racer or you’re simply looking for a reliable toy that can last, read on to discover if the Wishbone might just be the perfect match for your family’s needs.

small child on the wishbone trike

Review in a Nutshell


  • Aesthetically pleasing. I LOVE the way this bike looks. 
  • Small enough that my youngest (12-month-old) can ride. 
  • This is a bike that your kiddo can grow with. Wishbone says it should fit your kid until they are 5.
  • Real tires with tubes so you can get off road and onto some singletrack. 
  • Two different types of bike in one. You can set it up as a tricycle OR a regular balance bike. 
  • It is extremely easy to put together. 
  • The packaging is sleek and appealing. 
  • Wishbone makes these bikes so that they have repairable and replaceable parts. No more throwing out broken bike.
  • You have the option to customize your bike


  • It is made of wood, so you don’t want to store it outside- especially at higher altitudes. This isn’t necessarily a con, but when your kids forget to put their bike up it can be damaged by the weather. 
  • It has a larger footprint than other balance bikes. If you bring it inside, plan to have a lot of space for it. 
  • It is more pricy than other balance bikes on the market. 

Price & Where To Buy: 

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A Bike for a Baby, YAY!

The wishbone can start off as a walker for your toddler when configured in the tricycle setup. Wishbone suggests the age range for the bike goes from 12 months to 5 years, but we had our little girl on the trike/walker setup at 10 months and she did fine. Obviously, that will differ for everyone, though.

She absolutely LOVED ripping around the house. The Wishbone almost acted like a walker for her. She was more mobile and loved every second of it. 

One thing when researching the BEST balance bike for my little girl was the lack of decent tricycle bikes on the market. Of course, you can find cheaper ones on Amazon but I wanted something that was going to last and have the ability to ride gravel. 

I really like that this is a bike that can grow with my daughter. Being able to invest in a good, well-made bike means I’m saving money in the long run because I don’t have to worry about upgrading for a while AND if something breaks, I can simply get a replacement part. 

Putting It All Together, Easy as 1-2-3.

I got the beautifully packaged Wishbone and immediately thought, “This is giving Apple vibes.” Everything was so clean and crisp and just looked sophisticated.

I love when companies put thought into their packaging. Presentation is everything. 

Putting the Wishbone together took roughly 5-7 minutes. It was extremely easy to do, and it even came with a little drawstring bag to put extra parts and Allen keys in. 

When assembled, the bike weighs 11.4 pounds or 5.2 kgs. The seat height is adjustable from 11 inches to 18 inches or 28-46 cm. Tons of room to adapt to your growing toddler. 

Real Tires for Singletrack

One of my biggest pet peeves with balance bikes is the lack of REAL tires. The hard tires that come on some models (like Strider) are not good for singletrack.

They have ZERO traction and are basically used for the backyard or sidewalk. If you’re like me and want to get your kid on singletrack right away, go with a balance bike that has real tires.

tires on the wishbone

I love that the Wishbone comes ready to rip. You can use it in either the tricycle or bicycle configuration on dirt and not have to worry about traction. 

The tubes have Schrader valves with a small angle in them to fit into the wheel and provide enough room for a pump to latch on and easy to use.

Just keep in mind you might want to carry a spare tube or maybe a tube patch kit if your kiddo is out riding technical trails. You don’t want to be caught carrying the bike back to the house. (Don’t ask me how I know, ha!).

Is There Enough Adjustability for Your Kiddo?

The only reason I’m mentioning adjustability is the fact that only the saddle adjusts. The seat can adjust within the wooden (or plastic) frame and the arched frame can also be flipped to either raise or lower the overall height of the bike.

There is not much you can do in the cockpit to change the height of the handlebar, so just keep that in mind when you’re looking at bikes. I honestly do not think it is going to be an issue as my daughter gets older. 

Also, there is a steering limiter. This means that the handlebars can ONLY move side to side (think cornering) so much. I see where this could be a problem when my kiddo starts riding more single track and needs a greater turning radius. 

Customization Options

Wishbone also offers options to customize your kid’s bike. You can choose from natural (birch) wood or recycled plastic, different colors, optional seat covers, and a cargo kit on the back of the bike.

I love having this option to personalize my kids’ bikes and because this is something that is made SO well, they could even pass it down to their kiddos. (If they choose to have them).

The Wishbone site also lists what they call “pre-loved” bikes which are pre-owned bikes, so when you’re kid eventually does outgrow the bike, you can sell it and Wishbone will advertise the bike for sale in an effort to reduce waste. 

Natural Wood Bike- Something We Love, But Have To Be Mindful Of

I love that this bike is made of sustainable birch BUT my only issue with it is that it gets easily damaged if it is left outside. We live in Colorado and the sun is BRUTAL. It destroys all things wood, so I have to be mindful to put the bike in the garage or bring it inside otherwise it won’t last as long as it’s intended to. 

Another option if you’re in the same boat is Wishbone offers a recycled plastic version that they advertise as, “lightweight, durable, and weatherproof.” The big difference between this one and the natural wood one is it comes with plastic wheels- if you want the air-filled tires you have to buy those separately. 

Replaceable And Repairable Parts

According to Wishbone, “Once upon a time, all goods were ‘durable’ – made to last, repaired, and kept in use for generations. ‘Consumer’ goods – things we use up immediately or at most within three years – are a more recent phenomenon. They’ve spread on a tide of industrialization, changing fashion, advertising, and disposability.

“Too often, modern children’s toys are designed as consumables. Good for a few uses but when we break ’em, we bin ’em. At Wishbone, we’re designing products with classic styling and durable materials that are seriously repairable…”

The business has been set up with the Gold Standard to reduce waste and provide numerous spare parts for your Wishbone bike. They don’t want you to spend a bunch of money just to throw it away in a year because there wasn’t any way to fix it.

They use basic materials and simple concepts to make repairing your bike easy peasy. 

How Does The Wishbone Compare To Its Competitors?

When deciding on a balance bike for your kiddo, it is important to consider all options. One of the most popular balance bikes on the market is the Strider. It is affordable and easy to find, BUT it lacks a lot of features that the Wishbone has.

The tires are not “real” tires, so it makes going off road more challenging. Another thing that I like more about the Wishbone is that it works for my baby. Not many bikes allow a 12-month-old to ride them.

Another bike my family loves is the Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero Balance Bike. While I really hate to compare these two bikes (I love them both), there are some significant differences you might want to consider before deciding on one or the other.

One thing that the Wishbone offers that the KRS bike doesn’t is the conversion from a tricycle to a regular balance bike. The KRS bike is geared more toward older kiddos who are ready to do more “serious” riding.

Because it comes with disc brakes, it’s more advanced and probably not best suited for a little toddler. 

Wishbone’s Devotion to Using Good Materials and Reducing Waste

Before receiving the bike, I hadn’t really heard of Wishbone. After some digging, I found out they are a small family business in New Zealand.

Their mission is to make good quality bikes and rockers to last generations. They are adamant about reducing waste and getting outdoors with your kids.

In their “about” section on their website, they say they are anti-consumption, and apply Circular Economy principles, meaning the bike is constructed from good materials in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Bottom-Line: This Is A MUST For Your Baby Or Toddler

My favorite thing about this bike is that I can get my baby on it before they start walking. Unlike the Strider with Rocker Base, this is so much easier to put together and will last so many years.

Don’t get me wrong, companies like Strider and Kids Ride Shotgun also produce great products and you’re likely to be incredibly satisfied with those purchases, but if you’re looking for an item that is sustainably sourced and manufactured that reduces waste by reducing the amount of bikes you have to buy and sell because it essentially grows with your kids, then the Wishbone 3-in-1 is the bike for you. 

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