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Woom 2 Review: The BEST Bike for Your 3 Year Old!

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


Looking for the VERY BEST bike for your 3 year old? Look no further than the Woom 2.

This little 14-inch bike is our absolute favorite first pedal bike for young children thanks to its child-specific geometry, high-quality build, and extraordinarily light weight.

For anybody who is looking for a REAL BIKE for their 3 to 4.5 year old, I would highly recommend the Woom 2.  It makes the transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike painless and exciting, and helps little ones turn into happy, confident riders.

This is the bike we started our son on when he was 3 years old (more on that in a moment). Since then, the bike has gone thru several iterations, each improving on the bike even more. This is the bike that we recommend to all of our family and friends, and we’ve helped many kids get started riding on this bike.

Note: 2023 update adds additional photos, addresses price increase, and adds additional information on scoring.

Review in a Nutshell


  • Lightweight and child-appropriate geometry
  • Color-coded dual hand brakes and freewheel kit option
  • Quality components (adult-bike quality in a child’s size)
  • Woom trade-up program / high resale value
  • Removable steering limiter
  • All-terrain Schwalbe tires
  • Included kickstand


  • Expensive
  • Too big for the very youngest riders

Quick Specs:

  • Weight: 12.3 lbs (with coaster), 11.2 lbs (with freewheel option)
  • Age: 3-4.5 years old
  • Seat height: 15.7″-19.3″

Price & Where To Buy:

Video Review

Turns Your Child Into a Confident Pedaler Overnight (Our Family’s Experience)

Several years ago, when our son was still tiny, we were anxious to get him hooked on riding. He started on a balance bike, mastered it, but then stuggled to transition to pedals.

He began riding on pedal bike (the Specialized Hotrock) without training wheels at 2.5 years, but still prefered sticking to his balance bike. The Specailized was too heavy and the coaster brake was confusing to him.

Antelope Island

Enter the Woom 2. When it arrived, P was so excited to try it out that he was literally shaking. Luckily, it only took about 10 minutes to install the pedals and adjust the handlebars, seat, and brakes—and we were off.  

I’m not sure who was more impressed, me or the kiddo. Every time we passed someone on the inaugural ride, P would stop to tell them about his “cool new bike.”

As for me, I was always blown away by how much faster, confident, and joyful he seemed riding the Woom 2.  This bike fixed our problems with transitioning to a pedal bike as he never asked for a balance bike again once since he got it.

Light Weight and Child-Specific Geometry Make Learning to Ride Easy

The fact that children do so well on the Woom 2 is a result of the bike’s lightweight and intelligent design.

The engineering behind the Woom 2 is what really makes it stand apart from other kids bikes. Every detail has been considered.

The low bottom bracket and long wheelbase provide excellent stability. The standover height is low enough that kids can get on and off the bike easily and touch the ground with both feet when at a stop.

woom 2 sizing

The Woom’s geometry and wide, upswept handlebars allow for an upright riding position. This provides young riders with maximum control of the bike, easy steering, and the ability to focus on upcoming obstacles.

Perhaps even more important than the geometry of the Woom 2 is its weight. Tipping the scales at just over 12 pounds, the bike is manageable for most young kids and weighs significantly less than nearly all other bikes on the market. P’s Specialized Hotrock, for comparison, was a whopping 15 pounds–which is exactly half of his body weight!

The Woom 2 boasts 14” wheels which seem to be the perfect size for a first real pedal bike. Compared to the 12” wheels on the Hotrock, the 14” wheels make a a big difference in kid’s ability to ride up and over obstacles.

If you are trying to decide between the two wheel sizes for similarly sized bikes, I would definitely recommend picking the larger wheels.

Coaster Brake vs Freewheel

All Woom 2 bikes are outfitted with dual (front and rear) hand brakes. From there, you have the option of choosing between a coaster brake or a freewheel.

Per U.S. law, the Woom 2 comes standard with the coaster brake, but for an additional $19 you can also purchase a replacement rear wheel with a freehub. I would highly recommend doing this.

For us, we decided to forgo the coaster completely. We already knew that P was capable of using a handbrake (his balance bike had one), and the coaster on the Hotrock both frustrated him and caused skidding when riding off-road.

If you need help in deciding which option is most appropriate for your child, read this article outlining the pros and cons of both.

Color-Coded Brake Levers are Genius

I almost squealed with delight when I first saw the color-coded brakes on the Woom 2. The right (rear) brake lever is green, as are the rear brake pads. The left (front) lever and brake pads are black.

woom 2 color coded brake lever

For young kids who are just learning the technique of braking, and who may not fully grasp right and left yet, this color-coding could very well prevent an over-the-bars experience. This feature is genius and shows that Woom has really thought everything thru in the design of this bike.

The brake levers are also well-designed for little hands, and even very petite kiddos capable of reaching and pulling them.

Quality Saddle

The saddle on the Woom 2 is a step above anything else I’ve seen on other kids bikes. It is comfortable, attractive, and well-constructed. (Even after a few years of use by multiple kids, the saddle will still look new).

We also appreciate that the seatpost has a quick release collar. This means that you can easily adjust the seat height up or down, without needing any tools.

Tires Work Well in Any Terrain

The tires on the Woom 2 are brand-name (Schwalbe) and are designed to work on pretty much any surface. They provide the width and traction required for riding off-road in dirt, gravel, or grass. And for around-town riding, the low profile allows the bike roll with minimal resistance.

woom 2 tire

They also have a reflective sidewall which provides additional visibility when riding around cars.

Drivetrain Makes Pedaling Easy (Under Most Conditions)

The Woom 2 has appropriately sized (80 mm crank arms) and a narrow Q-factor (the distance between the pedals) that fit a child’s body in a way that many inferior kids bikes do not. This is the kind of gnitty-gritty detail that many parents never even think to pay attention to–but it matters!

As for the gearing on the Woom 2 it has a 18 tooth front chainring and a 10 tooth rear cog. If you care to get geeky, this makes for a gear ratio of 1.8 and a gain ratio of 4.0.

This gain ratio is higher than previous versions of the Woom 2 and means that kids can go a little faster without getting spun out. It also means, however, that it’s harder to make it up hills and may make it harder for little kids just learning to ride to get started.

Minimalistic Chainguard

woom 2 chainguard

The chainguards on most kids bikes are clunky, heavy metal contraptions. The chainguard on the Woom 2, on the other hand, is lightweight and unobtrusive.

This chainguard has been improved from the last version (which we did hear some complaints about). It does a good job of keeping kids safe and their pants clean.

If you want to remove it (for good) or just temporarily to lube the chain, it’s easy to do so.

Easy Assembly

Because Woom only sells their bikes online in the U.S., some assembly is required when you get the bike. I’ve assembled a good deal of kids bikes, and the Woom bikes are some of the simplest.

The bike goes thru assembly and a pre-ship checklist at the warehouse before it ships so you can rest assured that the bike is safe and ready to ride when you unbox it.

High-End Price But Worth Every Penny

For parents on a budget, $399 for a kids bike can be a bit tough to justify. My first bike in college was $300, for goodness sake. Plus, we are talking about a bike that is going to be outgrown in a year or two.

All that said, I truly believe the cost is worth it. Just seeing how much my little boy’s riding improved after getting this bike made me realize why Woom can charge what they do.

The second day after getting the Woom 2, he rode close to 10 miles. We had to peel him off the bike at the end of the night. To see that kind of enjoyment and enthusiasm in my child, I’d pay the $399 plus some.

Kali Chakra Kids Helmet

Attention to Detail

Although the Woom 2 is spendy, the quality of the bike justifies the high price. While I’m most concerned about the weight and geometry of a kids bike, this bike doesn’t stop there.

The paint job is beautiful. I’ve received more than one comment from complete strangers on what a nice looking bike it is.

young child on the 14 inch woom 2

Upcycle Program And Resale Value Make This A Good Investment

Further justifying the price tag, Woom’s Upcycle Program allows you to trade-in your Woom bike for the next size up in their lineup once your child has outgrown theirs. Once you’ve ordered and received your new Woom bike, you send in the old bike and receive a check for 40% off the price of the new bike. Considering that Woom’s entire lineup is top-notch, this is a great deal.

Similarly, you can always choose to sell the bike once you’re done with it. Because Woom has become so well known for their quality and durability, there is a thriving second-hand market for these bikes, including a Facebook group dedicated to Woom buy and sell.

Ketchum Pump Track


The Woom 2 is a best fit for most kids around their third birthday. This will give them plenty of time to grow with the bike.

Of course, that’s just a rough guideline. Before ordering, make sure to measure your child. The Woom fits kiddos between 37 and 43 inches, and with an inseam length of at least 15″.

Other than cost, the only other (minor) con I see with this bike is that it doesn’t fit the tiniest riders. Although we are only talking about a small number of kids, some precocious toddlers are ready for a pedal bike around 2.5.

 If this is the case for your child and you don’t want to wait until they are 3 to get a pedal bike, consider the Cleary Gecko or Prevelo Alpha One instead.

Removable Steering Limiter

Steering limiters are quite common on (higher end) balance bikes, but not quite as common on pedal bikes. Since the Woom 2 is designed for very young preschoolers, we appreciate that it includes this feature.

woom 2 steering limiter

A steering limiter keeps your child from over rotating their bars (which consequently results in a crash) . The steering limiter on the newest version of the Woom 2 has also been upgraded to be more durable than the older one and less likely to come undone.

Once your child has more experience and is confident on the bike, you can remove the steering limiter.

Includes A Kickstand

The Woom 2 comes standard with an included kickstand. It’s both more durable and more conveniently located that most kickstands.

It mounts on the chainstay (rear section of the frame of the bike) well out of the way of the crank arms/pedals.

woom 5 kickstand

Woom Accessories

In addition to their rockin’ bikes, Woom also has adorable accessories you can purchase to complete the look.  They sell helmets, gloves, bike locks, and more.

Woom 2 Vs Other 14 Inch Pedal Bikes

After testing plenty of 14-inch pedal bikes, I can safely say that the Woom 2 is THE BEST option on the market.  It is simply the most thought out bike with the best value of all first pedal bikes.

If you want to do some more research, you may also want to check out our list of the best 12 inch and 14-inch pedal bikes for kids ages 3 to 4.

woom 2 review

Other Things Worth Mentioning

  • Ergonomic grips. The new custom grips on the Woom bikes are awesome! (They remind us of the grown-up Ergon grips). They are ergonomic, grippy, and have a nice wide bar end to keep little hands planted firmly on the bars.
  • High-quality bearings. Unlike many cheaper kids bikes, the Woom has sealed bearings in the headset and hubs.
  • Ahead headset. The Woom 2 has an integrated ahead headset. If you don’t know what this means, just know its way better than the quill-style stems found on many cheaper kids bikes.
  • Seat tube insert. The new model of the Woom 2 has a plastic insert in the seattube to help prevent the seatpost from getting scratched as you raise and lower it.
  • Recessed or rounded bolts. All the bolts on the Woom 2 (like those on the wheels and the stem) are either fully or mostly recessed to protect your child.

Woom 2 Overall Score

WeightQuality Of ComponentsChild Appropriate Geo / Ease Of RidingCustomer ServiceAestheticsTotal Score
Woom 210101010999

We gave the Woom 2 an overall score of 99/100. That’s pretty much unheard of! The next two highest scores were the Cleary Gecko and the Prevelo Alpha One, both coming in with 94 points.

The only bike that outscored the Woom 2 in any category was the Early Rider Belter 14. It’s just an incredibly beautiful bike. It’s also significantly more expensive, and doesn’t live up to Woom in terms of customer service.


Wheel Size14″
Handlebar height24.6″
Steering angle68°
Top tube horizontal14″
Seat tube angle67°
Minimum saddle height16″
Maximum saddle height19.1″
Crank length80 mm
Handlebar adjustability+/-10°
Stand-over height14.2″
Weight limit130 lbs
FrameAA 6061 aluminum 
HeadsetFully-integrated 1″ ahead
Handlebars19mm diameter, 50cm width
GripsCustom Woom ergogrip
Front chainring18T
Rear cog10T
TiresSchwalbe Little Joe 14” x 1.4″ – woom edition
Brakes Custom Woom v-brakes (sold with coaster which we recommend swapping for the freewheel), Jagwire cable

Bottom-Line: You Can’t Do Better Than This!

The Woom 2 is an intelligently designed, beautifully built bike for kids ages 3 to 4.5. The bike is a bit spendy, but in my experience, it’s worth every penny and then some.

Compared to other bikes in this size range, the Woom 2 is a huge step up. If you are looking for a quality bike that is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and that your child will love, you can’t beat the Woom 2.

More Resources to Help You Pick the Best Bike for YOUR Child

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  1. I’m alittle confused about the Woom 2…you talk in detail about the inseam but then don’t provide that measurement in your review, trying to figure out if the Woom 2 or the commencal 14 is a better fit for a 3 yr old who is 3’2″ with a 13in inseam? will have to buy it omline without trying it out

    • Hi Matthew,
      You want to look at the minimum seatpost height and compare it to his inseam. So for a new pedaler with a 13″ inseam, you want a bike with a 13″ min seatpost height. Unfortunately, there aren’t many (any?) pedal bikes THAT small. Your best bet would be to try a bike like the Cleary Gecko….it might still be a bit big but he should grow into it quickly…..Also, based on his height, I would think he’d be ready….The Commencal would definitely still be too big.

  2. Would the Woom two or three or another suggestion work for a five year old that has regular scoot and almost outgrown it but not ready Thor pedals. I would like on that this summer can double as a balance and then nest spring start with petals. He is 44 inches with 18.5 inseam

  3. Great article. I was wondering if the handle bars are not a little high when the seat is in the lowest position. My small one likes to ride his balance bike on pump tracks and single track. I comparing woom 2 with ramones 14. I like that the woom is ligther, but not sure about the body position. Also ramones has now disc brakes but could not find a review about them yet.

  4. Hi there. My daughter has mastered a balance bike and we wre in the market for her first pedal bike. Your review had me pretty much sold on the woom 2, but the age range you have listed is 3 to 4.5 year olds. She is turning 4 next week, so I’m curious if you would still go with the woom 2 or if you have another suggestion. If she got one years use out of it that would be okay, I just don’t want to spend that much money on a bike that she’ll only be able to use for 6 months. Thank you for any advice.


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