Woom Kids Bike Jersey and Jacket Review

Woom makes our FAVORITE kids bikes, and we love that they make plenty of accessories to go along with their bikes as well. If you want to make sure that your child looks as snazzy as their bike, then check out the Woom kids bike clothing.

We’ve recently been testing out the SEPPADO shortsleeve jersey and the ORBITALLO Windbreaker Jacket, and have been pleased with both.

SEPPADO Shortsleeve Jersey


  • Soooo cute, you won’t mind if your child wears this as a daily shirt
  • Classic jersey style will make your child feel like a pro cyclist
  • Well-constructed
  • Buttoned rear pockets have plenty of room for snacks and treasures


  • 100% cotton isn’t ideal for outdoor activities

Price: $29

“Classic” Jersey Will Make Your Child Feel Like They’re In The Tour De France

We have the yellow SEPPADO jersey (it comes in pink and green as well) and it truly looks like the Maillot Juane. (If you don’t know what that is, it’s the yellow jersey that the leader of the Tour De France wears).

Cute Enough To Wear Around Town

If you’re riding bikes around town, to ice cream or the library, the good news is that this jersey doesn’t look dorky. Your child will look absolutely adorable in any social situation. In fact, my son wore this jersey as a shirt the other day, and I was totally fine with that. It’s adorable.

woom jersey

Well Constructed With Precious Details

As we would expect from Woom, the jersey is well constructed. Additionally it has really cute details, like the bicycle zipper pull and the buttoned rear pockets. It’s these small touches that show it’s Woom quality.

Rear Pockets Are Big Enough For Snacks….And Treasures

As one would expect from a “classic” cycling jersey, the SEPPADO has 3 rear pockets. These are plenty wide and deep to actually be used for granola bars or other treasures your child finds along the ride.

It is worth mentioning that while the pocket buttons are REALLY cute, they do make it a bit more difficult to stuff things in the pockets. If your child is using the pockets frequently, you may just want to leave them unbuttoned.

Fabric Choice Is A Bit Of A Bummer

While the 100% cotton jersey LOOKS really nice, I personally try to shy away from anything cotton for outdoor activities. Cotton doesn’t wick sweat, nor is it quick drying.

A true “classic” jersey would be made of Merino wool, and more contemorary jerseys are usually made of xxxx.

The jersey is really cute for mellow spins around town, but if your family is doing any more serious riding (or riding in rainy or hot conditions), I would think twice about the SEPPADO jersey and choose something with more technical fabric instead.

ORBITALLO Windbreaker Jacket


  • Windproof and water-resistant
  • Helmet-friendly hood is detachable
  • Large rear pocket for carrying snacks, etc
  • Folds into a belt that can be worn when not in use


  • Expensive

Price: $115

Jacket Keeps Kids Warm And Dry

We found that the Orbitallo jacket does a good job of keeping kids warm and dry on cooler (not cold) days. We recently used it on a cooler June day that was overcast, breezy, and a little rainy.Although it’s NOT a rainjacket (its a windbreaker) it kept our kiddo dry during some brief sprinkles.

Like the SEPPADO jersey, the jacket is 100% cotton. That said, it’s been treated, and waxed cotton can actually do a pretty great job of being both breathable and staying dry.

woom kids cycling jacket

Detachable Hood Works With Helmets

The detachable hood snaps off (or back on) via several snaps. This is particularly nice for picky kids who may or may not want a hood .

I didn’t personally see much of a need to remove the hood. It seemed unobtrusive when not in use, and fit with a helmet when my son did want it.

The hood is large enough that we were able to fit it over his helmet. Since it is incredibly thin and not at all bulky, I also felt comfortable with him putting it under his helmet, though you may not.

Front Pocket

There is a large front pocket reminiscent of one on a hoody sweatshirt. When your child is not riding, they can put their hands inside the pocket to keep them warm.

woom jacket pockets

Velcro Wrist Closures

The wrists have velcro closures so you can cinch up the sleeves and tighten them around the wrist. This keeps the sleeves from interfering with your child’s grip on the bars, and also allows you to order a size up if you’d like.

velcro wrist closure

Jacket Folds Up Into A Belt When Not In Use

The really cool feature of this jacket is that folds up into a belt when not in use. Your child can then wear it around their waist. Or, if they don’t want to (my son didn’t), it’s at least small enough that you can easily carry it for them.

woom jacket belt

The Only Thing That Will Make You Pause Is The Price

If money is no object, go ahead and buy the ORBITALLO. You’ll love it.

If you’re on a budget, however, the pricetag might give you pause. At $115 it’s spendy, and significantly more than other cycling jackets. The Altura Airstream jacket, for comparison, will only set you back $49.

Bottom-Line: Woom Has Created High-Quality, Adorable Pieces That Compliment Their High-Quality, Adorable Bikes

For one stop shopping, Woom has you covered. Buy one of their bikes, a lock, gloves, a helmet (new one coming soon), and bags. What else does your kiddo need?

A jersey and jacket of course! Both pieces that we reviewed are well-constructed, and adorable for cruising around town on a Woom.

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FTIC Disclosure: Woom provided these pieces for the purpose of testing and review. We did not receive any monetary compensation and all opinions are our own.

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