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Woom NEEBOWS (Kids Elbow And Knee Pads) Review

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


Woom makes our favorite kids bikes so it’s no surprise that their NEEBOWS (knee and elbow pads) are top notch as well. Unlike most kids protective pads, the NEEBOWS are flexible, comfortable, and fit well.

The other great thing about these pads is that they come in three sizes to fit most young riders–from balance bike rippers to pre-teen shredders.

mountain biking with the woom helmet and pads


  • Flexible
  • Sleeves fit small riders well
  • Stay in place
  • Breathable
  • Knee and elbow pads are sold separately so you only buy what you need


  • A little more bulky than the G-Forms

Price & Where To Buy: $39 at

Soft, Flexible Design Is Superior To Hard Shell Pads

Most kids knee and elbow pads are horrible affairs. Hard shell exterior and velcro straps make them uncomfortable, hot, and hard to pedal with.

The Woom NEEBOWS, on the other hand, are flexible sleeve-style pads. They slip on, no straps required, and have a memory-foam like pad over the knee and elbow. The fabric at the back of the knee has small perforations allowing for airflow and breathability. Each of these factors makes them far easier to pedal in and to wear for long periods of time.

While we haven’t had any legitimate crashes in the pads (yet!), I did force my son to do a few simulated tip-overs as well as have him crawl around on his knees. The padding is thick and substantial, and I have no doubt in my mind that it would do a good job of protecting your child in the event of a fall.

Sizes Work Well For Most Kids

The NEEBOW knee and elbow pads come in three sizes (S, M, and L). These will fit most kids. My 9 year old fit in the large pads quite well, while our 3 year old tester fit in the size small.

That said, the very smallest balance bike riders may find they are too large. For the very tiniest riders, we’d recommend the 7iDP pads instead. Another option for really little ones (18 months) is to use the elbow pads as knee pads.

To know if the NEEBOWs will fit your child, make sure to measure them before buying!

Elbow Pad Size Chart

Elbow Pad SetSML
Weight< 55lbs< 55lbs55lbs -110lbs
Elbow Circumference7 – 7.5in8 – 8.3in8.3 – 8.7in

Knee Pad Size Chart

Knee Pad SetSML
Weight< 55lbs< 55lbs55lbs -110lbs
Knee Circumference10 – 11in11.5 – 12.2in12.2 – 12.5in

Silicone Grippers Keep Pads In Place

Both the top and bottom of the pads have a silicone strip to hold them in place. This is pretty similar to all other sleeve-style protective pads we’ve tested.

The grippers do a good job of holding the pads in place assuming you’ve ordered the right size. If you’ve ordered up in size, you may need to use a hairband or sew a stitch in the top to snug them up a little. (We’ve done this with other pads in the past).

Padding Is Bulkier Than G-Form Pads

While the padding on the NEEBOWS is less bulky than a traditional knee pad, it’s bulkier than the G-Form pads, for instance. This makes it a little more challenging to pedal than the G-Form.

While my son was fine on shorter rides, on longer trail rides, he preferred the G-Forms. It was also easier to fit the G-Forms under his Fly Racing pants for BMX.

That said, the NEEBOWS are also cheaper than the G-Forms, so unless your child is racing or doing longer rides, I think a little extra bulkiness is well worth the tradeoff.

Good Choice For Casual Trail Riding And Skills Practice

The Woom NEEBOWS are a great choice for kids going to the local pump track or skills park, hitting your backyard ramp, or for casual trail riding. For the average kid, that’s 100% of their riding time.

For kids racing BMX, I’d skip the NEEBOWS as they are a little bulky for wearing under a race kit. For kids going to the downhill bike park, you’ll want something more substantial. And for, anyone doing really long trail rides, I’d again want something a little more flexible like the G-Forms.

Sold Seperately

The knee and elbow pads are sold separately rather than as a set, so you only have to buy what you’re actually going to use. Many kids will choose to only ride with knee pads and forgo the elbow pads.

Bottom-Line: The Perfect Knee And Elbow Pads For Most Kids

For 95% of kids who ride bikes and are looking for a little extra protection, the Woom NEEBOWS are a superior option. They are perfect for crash prone preschoolers as well as hard charging grade school kids hitting the cul-de-sac jump. And unlike most kids knee and elbow pads, these are comfortable which means your child will actually wear them.

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