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15 Best 26 Inch & 27.5 Inch Mountain Bikes For Kids

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


Do you have a little ripper who’s outgrown their wheels but aren’t quite ready for most adult-sized mountain bikes?

The good news is that in recent years, more and more brands are offering youth-sized 26 inch mountain bikes as well as 27.5 inch mountain bikes with extra small frames to fit smaller riders.

norco kids mountain bike

Photo credit: Norco Bikes

Whether you’re looking for 26 inch or 27.5 wheels, full-suspension or a hardtail, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also received a bunch of flack for the price of the bikes on this list, so we’ve added some budget picks toward the bottom.

Note: These are REAL mountain bikes and many of them have serious pricetags. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, check out our post on the best 26 Inch Recreational Bikes instead.

May 2023: Updated prices and added the Prevelo Zulu Five.

Table Of Contents

26 Inch HardtailsBudget 26 Inch
26 Inch Full SuspensionComparison Chart
27.5 Inch Full Suspension

But First: Why Choose A “Youth” Mountain Bike?

Why not go directly from 24 inch wheels to an adult-sized mountain bike?

The problem at the tween age is finding a good adult bike that fits properly.  The average 12-year-old boy stands at around 58 inches ~ 4’ 10” while 12 year old girls are, on average, about an inch taller.  That’s smaller than many (though not all) builders are creating frames for.

When you put a kid on a bike that’s too big for them, you’re setting them up for failure and frustration. In fact, a too big bike can even be dangerous!

Pick a youth-sized (or women’s-specific) bike that actually fits. You can hand it down to the next kid in a few years, or sell it on Pinkbike or The Pros Closet.

commencal clash jr mountain bike

Photo credit: Commencal

Best 26 Inch Hardtail Mountain Bikes

BikeWhat We LovePrice
1Trailcraft Timber 26Super lightweight (21 lbs)$1,699+
2Woom OFF AIRBest bang for your buck$1,049
3Spawn Yama Jama 26Tubeless wheels, internal routing for a dropper$1,625
4Cleary Scout 26Durable, chromly steel frame$1,071
5Frog MTB 69Brand name components$1,119
Bonus!Prevelo Zulu 5Modern hardtail geometry$1,099

Trailcraft Timber 26

trailcraft timber 26 inch mountain bike

The Trailcraft Timber 26 is the lightest 26″ bike around. At a featherweight 21 lbs, even the most petite riders can handle this bike. The super low standover accommodates riders as short as 4’6″.

The bike boasts high-shelf parts including Stans Crest wheels, Ashima ultralight rotors, and a 100mm air-sprung supsension fork with carbon lowers. The rest of the frame can be built up with a variety of component builds depending upon your budget.

If you’re looking for the BEST 26 inch hardtail around, the Trailcraft Timber 26 is it.

Read Review: Trailcraft Timber 26

Price: $1,699+

Woom OFF AIR 6

Woom makes our FAVORITE kids-specific bikes, and they recently introduced a line of mountain bikes that are both high-quality and (relatively) affordable.

The Woom OFF AIR 6 weighs a mere 24.3 lbs pounds and costs $1,049, giving it a killer weight to price ratio. This lower weight makes the bike ideal for smaller and more petite kids.

The bike offers features almost unheard of at this pricepoint including a high-quality air-sprung airfork, thru-axles, and a SRAM 1×9 drivetrain.

Read Our Review: Woom OFF AIR

Price: $1,049

Spawn Yama Jama 26

spawn yama jama 26 inch mountain bike

The Spawn Yama Jama is one of the OG kids mountain bikes. It comes in 20″, 24″ and yes, a 26″ version.

While it’s not cheap, it comes with everything you would expect from a grown-up mountain bike: tubeless-ready wheels, routing for a dropper, and hydraulic disc brakes. You’re child will also appreciate the 120mm of front suspension, tuned specifically for smaller riders.

Read Our Review: Spawn Yama Jama

Price: $1,625

Cleary Scout 26

cleary scout kids mountain bike

Do you remember YOUR first hardtail?! Chances are it was a 26″ rig. Like your mountain bike of yore, the Cleary Scout 26 is a classic.

The bike has recently been redesigned with a beautiful, sparkly aluminum frame, modern geometry, and internal routing should you choose to add a dropper. It also has a lifetime warranty, and you can’t beat that.

Read Our Review: Cleary Scout

Price: $1,071

Frog MTB 69

Frog MTB 62

Frog is an outstanding “kids” brand that offers a wide variety of models ranging from high-end road bikes to mountain bike and track bikes. The Frog MTB 69 is a mid-size 26” bike that will fit kiddos ranging from about 10 to 12 years old.

Kenda tires, Tektro disc brakes, a Shimano drive-train in addition to a myriad of in-house components provide a solid hardtail offering a quality build for your tweens. The brand truly pays attention to detail with features like the two off colored spokes marking the tire valve.

As is the current trend with many other brands, Frog has a direct order business model making it easy to obtain one of these sweet whips here in North America and there are shops carrying their frames as well.

Read Review: Frog MTB 69

Price: $1,119

Prevelo Zulu Five

prevelo zulu 5

The Prevelo Zulu Five is a durable and well-designed hardtail mountain bike specifically made for kids. With a responsive frame, comfortable climb, and modern geometry, it provides a stable and reliable ride for young riders.

The bike’s components, such as the hydraulic disc brakes and Microshift Advent X drivetrain, perform flawlessly and keep the bike moving consistently. The aesthetics of the bike are also commendable, with thoughtful details and a Bodacious Blue frame.

We like that it includes routing for a dropper post (which you can add for an additional fee) and that it’s super easy to set up tubeless.

The only bummer about the bike is that it doesn’t come with the option to buy the HEIR fork that is offered on the smaller versions of the Zulu.

Read Review: Prevelo Zulu Five

Price: $1,099

5 Best 26 Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

BikeWhat We LovePrice
1Trailcraft Maxwell 26Lightweight, Stans Podium wheels$2,499+
2Spawn RokkConverts from 24″ to 26″ wheels$3,050+
3Giant Trance Jr 26Maestro rear suspension technology$2,500
4Mondraker Factor 26High quality components$2,899
5Meekboyz Mega Beast 26Serious DH rig$9,150

TrailCraft Maxwell 26

Trailcraft Maxwell MTB

Trailcraft is a builder that specializes in providing quality kid’s mountain bikes. These bikes are fun, well thought, and designed to endure the punishment trail riding can give our beloved steeds.

With body-size-specific designed components, like many other kid-specific brands, the Trailcraft Maxwell will fit and keep your height challenged acquaintance rolling with comfort and ease. Various builds from a bare frame to a full XT group offer several options.

We listed this with one of the mid-range builds keeping the price under $3K. 12-year-olds on 5” of travel front and back? Yes please!

Read Review: Trailcraft Maxwell

Price $2,499+

Spawn Rokk 24/26 or 26/27.5

spawn rokk 24/26

The Spawn Rokk is a little rig that can last a long time by upgrading the wheel size. It comes in a 24 to 26″ version or a 26″ to 27.5″ version.

The rest of the build is top-notch, with 140mm of dual suspension, SRAM drivetrain and brakes, and Brood (in-house) components.

Read Review: Spawn Rokk 26/27.5

Price: $3,050+

Giant Trance Jr 26

giant trance jr 26 inch mountain bike

You might already be familiar with the popular Giant Trance. The Giant Trance Jr 26 is simply a scaled-down version for pint-sized rippers.

Like the adult-sized version, the Trance Jr boasts the Maestro rear suspension technology. 120mm of travel both front and rear provides plenty of squish.

The bike boasts a SRAM Eagle drivetrain and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and can fit tires up to 2.8″.

Price: $2,500

Mondraker Factor 26

mondraker 26

The Mondraker Factor 26 is a trail-oriented full suspension bike with Xfusion 140mm suspension both front and rear. It is stocked with high quality components including SRAM Eagle drivetrain and SRAM Level brakes.

Even the smaller parts are well speced. We appreciate the SDG Fly Jr saddle and the Slater bar and grips.

Price: $2,899

Meekboyz Mega Beast 26

meekboyz mega beast 26

The only downhill specific bike listed here, the Meekboyz Mega Beast 26 is top notch. A full carbon frame paired with Fox suspension and a SRAM drivetrain and brakes.

This ride is not cheap, but if you’re looking for performance in the bike park, this is the ride. Your kiddo will definitely know he or she is loved when riding this wunderbike.

Hope hubs paired with in-house, carbon rims keep the rotating mass down while contributing to an overall light build. Jumps, drops, skinnies….you name it, your kid will tame it.

Price: $9,150

5 Best XS 27.5 Inch Mountain Bikes

1Pivot Mach 4 SL Carbon$6,199+
2Norco Sight $3,499
3Commencal Clash XS$3,600
4Juliana Furtado$5,299+
5Liv Intrigue$2,100

Pivot Mach 4 SL Carbon

pivot mach 4

Pivot Cycles makes some of the best small-size offerings. In fact, they’ve heavily marketing to the NICA leagues and you’ll see plenty of Pivot bikes at NICA races.

The Pivot Mach 4 SL is sweet little full-suspension rig with an XS frame size that fits riders as small as 4’11”. As a Pivot owner myself,  I know from personal experience that the DW link suspension offers nimble climbing and riotous descending.

The other thing we love about this bike is how light it is. Younger riders simply weigh less and have less muscle mass, so they benefit more from a lightweight bike.

Price: $6,199+

Norco Sight Youth 27.5″

This is one of the only 27.5″ bikes specifically designed for KIDS. The frame is smaller for youth riders and the suspension (150mm Pike fork and 140mm RockShox Deluxe R Select shock) is specifically tuned for them as well.

What else can you expect from this sweet little ride? A SRAM Eagle drivetrain and Shimano MT500 hydraulic disc brakes.

Price: $3,499

Commencal Clash XS

commencal clash jr

Like the Norco Sight Youth, the Commencal Clash XS is designed and built for young riders. Intended to bridge the gap between a “kids” bike and an “adult” bike, the Commencal Clash JR is one drool-inducing bike. But the most interesting part of the bike is that it’s a mullet–it has a 27.5″ front wheel and a 26″ rear wheel.

Each component is specifically chosen for younger riders, including kid-sized grips and saddle. What else should we mention? The 170mm of travel, SRAM Eagle drivetrain, and  KS Ragei 100mm dropper.

Price: $3,600

Liv Intrigue

liv intrigue mountain bike

While almost all the other bikes listed here have 26 wheels the Liv Intrigue has 27.5 inch wheels. This might be a deterrent for the little riders in our lives who can’t quite handle the wheel size, but they also will typically grow into a bigger bike and the larger wheels might extend the temporary life of the bike.

With in-house Giant-branded components, Maxxis tires, a SRAM drivetrain/Shimano brakes, and 150mm fork, this is a lively bike that can rip singletrack. The Liv brand is designed for women, but the decals are appealing and the fit is perfect for 12-year-old boys too.

Price: $2,480+

Juliana Furtado

Juliana Extra Small MTB

Santa Cruz has long been a contender in the mountain bike industry and their ladies brand, Juliana, offers the same quality and robust builds with VPP suspension and stunning looks.

The Juliana Furtado comes in an XS frame size that fits tiny riders as small as 4’8″. While it has 27.5″ wheels, the standover height is super manageable for younger pre-teens.

Because it’s a women’s-specific bike, the bike has lighter-tuned rear suspension which makes it ideal for lightweight riders.

Unfortunately, they’ve done away with the aluminum version of the bike and all that’s left is a pricey carbon build. Still, if budget isn’t an issue, this bike could be the winner.

Price: $5,299+

Budget 26 Inch Mountain Bikes

BikeWhat We LovePrice
1Kona Fire MountainQuality build, lifetime warranty$875
2Specialized Rockhopper 26Classic, durable design$650
3Co-Op Cycles DRT 1.0Use your REI dividend$599

Kona Fire Mountain

Kona Fire Mountain XS MTB

The Kona Fire Mountain is an entry level mountain bike that checks all the boxes for safety and quality, and most importantly, fun. Kona builds rad bikes and the extra small version of this model comes with 26-inch wheels to accommodate smaller riders.

A SR Suntour fork manages suspension duty and Tektro brakes provide the stopping power necessary to keep your tween from clipping trees as they fly past you down the trail. With a quality build, lifetime warranty and price point that leaves extra in the wallet, the Kona Fire Mountain will leave your budding NICA racer with a big smile.

Wheel Size: 26″

Price: $875

Specialized Rockhopper 26

specialized rockhopper 26 inch mountain bike

My very first mountain bike was a Specialized Rockhopper 26 that looked alot like this one. (In fact, I still use that mountain bike 15 years later as a commuter bike).

The 26 inch version of the Rockhopper comes with an XXS frame, ideal for super-small riders. It’s built up with mechanical disc brakes and a Shimano Tourney 8-speed drivetrain. There’s even internal routing for a dropper post should you choose to add one.

There’s nothing super fancy about this bike but it’s a good durable bike and a price you can actually stomache.

Price: $650

Co-Op Cycles DRT 1.0

If you’re an REI member, you’ll love the Co-Op Cycles DRT 1.0. Use your annual dividend to take a big chunk out of the price of the bike.

This entry-level ride fits riders as short as 4’9″ and will grow with your kiddo for a while. It has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes (pretty much unheard of at this pricepoint) and a Shimano Tourney 8-speed drivetrain.

Price: $599

Comparison Chart: 26 Inch And 27.5 Inch XS Mountain Bikes

BikeWheel SizePrice (MSRP)Weight (lbs)Minimum HeightFrame Material/DesignDrivetrain/ShiftersBrake SystemRimsTiresSuspension
Pivot Mach 4 SL Carbon27.5$6,699+ 20.94'11"CarbonSRAM EagleSRAM Level DT Swiss M1700Maxxis Ardent Race, 2.2"Fox Factory Stepcast 34 120mm, Fox Factory DPS
Kona Fire Mountain26$699.00NA4'10"AluminiumShimanoTektroKonaWTB Trail BossSR Suntour XCR fork
Liv Intrigue27.5$2,655.00NA4'10"AluminiumShimanoShimano M6000GiantMaxxis ForekasterFox 34 Rhythm, Fox Float
Juliana Furtado27.5$4,09931.34'8"CarbonSRAM EagleSRAM GuideWTB ST i30Maxxis Minion 2.4"Fox 34 Rhythm, Fox Float
TrailCraft Maxwell26$2,899.00254'10"AluminiumShimano ZeeShimano Deore 6000Stans Crest MK3Schwalbe Nobby NicRock Shox Reba, Monarch
Frog MTB 6926$800.0025.14'8"AluminiumShimanoTektroIn HouseKendra K1153In House
Meek Boyz26$8,375.00NANACarbonSRAMSRAM LevelIn HouseMaxxis MinionFox 40, Fox X2
Trailcraft Timber 2626$1,999+214'6"AluminiumShimano Deore or XTShimano Deore or XTStans PodiumSchwalbe Rocket Ron 26x2.1"Rock Shox Reba 26
Woom OFF AIR26$1,04924.34'6"AluminiumSRAM X5Promax hydraulic discIn HouseSchwalbe Rocket Ron 26x2.35"RST 90 mm
Spawn Yama Jama 2626$1,42526.54'5"AluminiumSRAM NXTEKTRO HYDRAULIC DISCBrood (In House)Maxxis High Roller 2.3"ROCK SHOX REBA 26-120MM
Cleary Scout 2626$86028.54'7"SteelShimano DeoreTektro hydraulic discAlexVee Tire Crown Gem 2.25Suntour 100mm
Norco Sight 27.5$2,799334'7"AluminiumSRAM EagleShimano BR-MT500 hydraulicWTBMaxxis Minion D 2.3"RockShox Pike, Charger, 150mm, RockShox Deluxe R Select
Commencal Clash Jr27.5$2,49924.14'9"AluminiumSRAM EagleSRAM GuideWTBVee Tire Co FlowSnap 2.35RockShox 35 Gold 160mm, RockShox Deluxe Select +
Specialized Rockhopper 2626$500NANAAluminiumShimano AceraTektro hydraulic discIn HouseSpecialized Ground Control Sport, 2.1"SR Suntour 80mm
Co-Op Cycles DRT 1.026$549314'9"AluminiumShimano TourneyTektro hydraulic discIn HouseKenda Kadre, 2.1"SR Suntour 100mm

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  1. I was so excited to find a review on mountain bikes for youths. Then I scrolled down to the prices – YIKES! Really? As much as several thousand dollars for a “kids” intrductory mountsin bike! How about a few recommendations that don’t break the bank for the rest of us average blue collar athletic families?

    • The ones on this list that cost several thousand are far from “introductory” mountain bikes and your kids don’t need them if they are just starting. It’s like looking at range rovers for your kids first car. Many of the bikes also aren’t kids bikes, they just fit kids. There’s plenty of bikes from $200-1000 that you can get for someone just starting out.

      • I believe Andrea Clementino was looking for recommendations, not an explanation–and I agree 1000% with her, these prices are RIDICULOUS. The number of kids, or adults, who would benefit in a meaningful way from an $8k bike is tiny and they know who they are and the target models. The other 99% of parents could use some help from the industry rags, manufacturers, and knowledgeable users to find some high quality bikes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. We’d rather spend that money getting to awesome locations to actually use the bike.

        • It’s a matter of scale. Many of these brands are niche brands looking at creating the best kids’ mountain bikes possible. This is their bread and butter and they don’t make adult bikes.
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  3. Hi, thanks for the article. I would love to see a list of transition bikes from youth 26” to adult 27.5” and 29” in XS or S size. My son is 11 and I want to get him a new bike as he is soon to outgrow the Giant XTC 24” he currently rides. I am loathe to buy another ‘youth’ bike as you just get so much more bang for buck with an adults bike in terms of components. A dual suspension is a bit out of the budget but a decent hard tail would be perfect. Would love to know your thoughts

  4. Hi, I’m in the same boat as Tom. Looking for a good XS frame 26″ front suspension MTB for a boy that is starting to outgrow his 24″ MTB.

  5. My 11-year-old is on a Frog 69 MTB w 26″ and loves it. We did swap out the (not so great) shocks for Rock Shocks (Recon silver). He’s on the tall side, though and I’ll be looking for another bike before I know it. Some of his buddies are on Specialized Chisels w 27.5″ wheels and they love them..

  6. Hi. You should double check the weight on the Clash Jr. I think you’re about 10 lbs light…Commencal is not exactly known for light bikes LOL!!!

  7. My son has ridden the giant trance jr for a few years now! He Loves it and it’s a great set up. He’s a pretty aggressive rider and this bike has stood up to the rest of time with regular maintenance.

    Looking for next one now and will look to find something in small frame… tricky!

    • My son has been looking for a trance Jr but we can’t seem to find any around us to try out, either new or used. Where did you get yours. I can only see ordering it directly off line.

  8. Thanks for this comprehensive list of quality bikes for kids wanting to step up their comfort level on longer technical rides. I appreciate the time you spent so that I can spend less time shopping & more time riding with my kid!

  9. Also a couple other brands that I saw during my research is the YT primus, Rocky Mountain Reaper, and Nukeproof makes a youth hardtail.


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