12 Speed Products Doormate 2 Review

Author: Blair Burton


The majority of our family bike rides start and end at our garage door. Having a garage door opener is handy to move bikes in and out of the garage. You wouldn’t believe how much time is saved using one. If you are like me and enjoy products that make life easier then you’re going to love the Doormate 2!

Opening Details

Due to bike season it took me the whole summer to write this review. I have to apologize to 12 Speed Products (12SP) for the delay. I met 12SP at Sea Otter in April and they shared a great product with me that has the potential to make all of our lives easier. The second iteration of their Doormate garage door opener remote is that product.

The Doormate 2 is a remote that pairs to nearly every garage door opener with a myriad of mounting options. At 23 grams, this little device is easily mounted on the handlebars, as the top cap to one’s own stem, or just kept in a bag for easy access. It is hardly noticeable in weight and ready to open and close your bike cave. I have enjoyed this device over several months now and the CR2032 battery has yet to show any sign of wear.

The Runout

This is a short review about a simple product that provides a simple solution to our garage door woes. I don’t want to pack a brick remote just to open my garage door. Now I don’t have to listen to my son complain about waiting to get inside the house after our rides. Everything is quick and easy thanks to the Doormate 2. Consider one for your household and you won’t regret it.

Price: $39.99

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